Thursday, 30 May 2013

Jet by Jay Crownover

Jet and Ayden ... hmmm .... I must say, I expected more sparks from these two. I won't say I hate this one, but I guess I expected the high I got from Rule and Shaw's story. This installment was tamed even without a comparison and I believe some of the premise that were set could have been better executed and blown this book out of the water!

Still, I always love a book that introduce and re-introduce me to new and old songs. I'm eclectic in my taste, so I love music based novels and being the awesome musician that he is, Jet's character provided just that while Ayden allowed me to get back to my country music roots. ( Listening The Band Perry right now) :-)

Once again, the piercings and tattoos were explained down to the very last detail, and that's part of what I love about a Jay Crowner novel. She isn't trying to make these men bad and say "Here, he has a tat on his arm!" ... She goes in depth. She make me feel like I can really see this tattoo come to life and I love that!!

Where the piercings are concerned, I have always been a fan of piercings and in salute to book 1 and to ring in starting book 2, I finally made up my mind and got another piercing *wink* (I'll let you guess where) ... P.S. could use some help where pain tolerance is concerned :-(

But anyways ... loved the characters as always and I swear from anyone other than Rule or Shaw's POV, Rule seems like a beast in this novel!! All the old characters were back and we even have the addition of Asa who I could totally see getting his own book, even if we only got a glimpse of him. But I do believe, that this series has a long way to go so I'm holding out on that one.

Jet was a little more .... let's say passionate ... than I expected, but I also liked the reverse in roles between his and Ayden's relationship. It wasn't cookie cutter and while a lot of surprises or shock wasn't lurking, it was still a solid novel that wasn't Rule level, but not bad either. It's one of those comforting just good enough novel.

Ayden was totally not what I expected based on her personality from book 1 and at times I wanted to smack her! Some how, she grow on me without me even noticing and next thing I know, I am liking her. She was different and the twist was nice. She wasn't your usual female protagonist and while the difference conveyed so much emotions, from boring to infuriating and everything in between, you still didn't mind going on to the next chapter.

Cora was overly highlighted in this book to me, and I assume that's with the on coming book.  I totally preferred Jet's POV to Ayden's unless I wanted to know what she was thinking.

The way Jet and Ayden's family problems were portrayed, was disappointing and I thought it could have been better portrayed to give us the best from both situations. I just felt a lapse in those parts and expected a lot more. I guess the beating from book 1 was enough violence for Jay.

Asa, even with the short time that he was given, was a nice addition to the book. He had charm, charisma and just screamed wild time!!! Jet's epilogue got me more honed in on this character.

Nash got a back seat in this one, but Rowdy got to shine and once again I was surprised as to the change in these characters as we switch novels.

The sex scenes were a lot tamer than I expected with the heat between these two, and while I get the theme of unrequited love from book 1, I never really understood or decipher the facade theme of book 2, or maybe I am just getting the themes mixed up .... idk!

Still, solid novel with your usual fun loving and awesome characters living it up and loving life in Denver.

Not so pumped about Rome and Cara's story, but by time it's out I'm sure I will be getting a copy because there is something about this series that keeps you coming back!

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