Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Proposal By Katie Ashley

Well, this installment was better than the last. The characters had more depth, and the story even though still a little winded at times, was more organized.

This book could have been half the number of pages that it occupied, and the need to continually go in depth with the lackluster sex scenes became annoying eventually. I believe that even without some major happenings of the last 20% of this novel, I could have been satisfied at 80%, as it just seemed force the rest of the way.

Aidan (got the name correct this time) ... was still his awesome self and I was amazed at his self control and resilience with regards to the unnecessary Pesh situation. Which bring me to a recurrent though where I kept wondering if I was the only one who found it strange for this man to be trying to court a 6 months pregnant woman who was basically living with her baby father. Call me crazy, but this just plain 'ol wrong!!

Still, the characters remained true to themselves, both good and bad ... Emma is still a selfish, pretentious wench who hides behind being a prude southern bell and Aidan's potty mouth reigns still. Casey was still trying too hard, and Connor was the life of the party whenever he got to grace our presence.

Whilst I won't ever knock anyone's life experiences or lost of a love one, whether alive or not, I must still say that I expected more from Aidan's secret as to what makes him tick and I was disappointed in the find, regardless of the situation.

I loved how Noah stayed relevant throughout the entire novel. It's like he was there without even being in the womb. Also, it was good to see Beau's continual loyalty to Emma.

The little flashbacks were also a great addition and it was always good to go in the mind of Aidan.

There was laughter occasionally throughout the novel, and I must say a few of the jokes were better this round. Even had me cracking up a few times on the bus.

With that being said, I can honestly say that this was better structured and executed than The Proposition. Still, even  with a better quality, there still seemed to be something that was missing to take this book to another level.

So I will say I liked this installment a little bit more, but still, this story lacked that something all great stories have to push it to that next level and boy did I wanna find it in this book, but it just never happened. Still, I was quite entertained and pleased with the second book!


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