Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dirty Red By Tarryn Fisher

Leah oh Leah .. Johanna Smith I know not what to do with you!

Who is this author, these characters and what is this story?! These people are manipulative, obsessed, and down right fucking crazy and I loved every damn minute of it!!

I am always Team Olivia, but I gotta hand it to Leah that she knows how to hold her own and is pretty funny if you ask me. Also, she seems to have a lot more daddy issues that Olivia and my God is she a bitch! I'd also recommend that someone tie her damn tubes!

But with all that's said and done, I still can't down right hate this girl. Honestly, I can't hate any of them. They all have their own hidden agendas, but I honestly believe that if they would all just tell the damn truth in a while, that they could all be happy ... but then we wouldn't have anything to read :)

This installment was just as good as the first one, and not slightly better or less better, but on the right level with the right tone just a lot more drama and secrets where as Olivia's story laid it all out there for you and went way back.

If Thief is a continuation of this story but from Caleb's POV, then Ms. Fisher has created a hat-trick and score for her!! I am doing something I very rarely do, and I am going to go ahead and give her props for an unreleased novel, if it's under the circumstances I hope for and I pray to all that is holy that she keeps the same pace and not veer of course because I have a lot of faith in this series.

Ms. Fisher kept through to her reminiscing and mixing the past with the present, that was once again beautifully done with taste and class. So much was filled in and I am pleased that even an unlikely character from book 1 was also featured in book 2.

Estella has a world of crazy to get over and I send up a  prayer for her because she will definitely need it.

I was glad for some clarity on some scenes from book 1 and to get both Leah and Caleb's feelings to compare with Olivia's. To see how far Olivia has come made me swell with pride and beg that Ms. Fisher leave her out of the crazy that is Leah and Caleb's marriage. I so want her to be happy!!

The addition of some new characters, especially Sam and Seth were great additions and added just the right tone and balance to this amazingly written and composed novel.

Olivia and Cammie were ever present and ever awesome and I got to see how crazy Leah really is, but damn it the girl had it hard and I just really wish she would give up on Caleb and find better because she deserves it and it would do her a world of good.

However, if the last lines of this novel is anything to go by, a storm is brewing and I would want to be in a next country when this one comes, because all these people are good at is hurting each other and themselves.

To sum it all up, this was a just as awesome as the previous novel, and will have you shocked, angry, confused, sad and a whole lot of emotions within these complicated 265 pages. Buckle down for this one because it surely is a roller coaster ride!

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