Friday, 24 May 2013

The Devil's Eyes By Jennifer Loren

Where to start ... ok ...

I get it, the whole concept. But still, it got very winded and some very obvious outs where there as well as a lot of cliche and unnecessary drama.

There was never a chapter without drama and honestly with the way this book ended, I really hope she tells Nick to go fuck himself! As brave as he seems to see himself, I think he's a coward for his decision in the end.

Kayla is an interesting character. I think she could be a badass business owner if she wasn't falling fool for Nick all the time. I loved her character and how she handled herself. She knew how to be bad in bed and a lady in the streets (might as well embrace the cliches!)

Initially, the story wasn't exciting and the banter was childish and lacking but then it got better and before I know it, we were going down the long unnecessary path again.

Mixed signals were all around and I am not certain what is really going on and why an unnecessary shit storm was created in this one. I was gunning for a happy ending but then in walks Ryan and I don't know ....

Ryan is awesome and I love him as a character. He is mysterious, sweet and a character I wish had emerge earlier in the book instead of the times invested in some that died eventually.

Nick is ... Nick. I don't know what to make of this character. He is definitely an enigma. I had no reason not to be completely in love with this character, until his decision in the end. Hopefully, book 2 has some redemption!

Vagueness was an issue for me in this one also, as I still don't really know a lot or just couldn't bother to put some things together. (Just wasn't worth my time)

I believe that the times we spent in Nick's mind were just place holders as not much really happened, and became a crutch for a downing story. A lot of things needed to be cut and a lot of things explain in more realistic details and time frame. (No way you can relay 5 minutes worth of information on a 1 minute phone call)

Seeing as how people didn't stick around long in this story, the few that managed to keep there lives weren't bad but the only ones you were given a chance to connect with were Kayla, Nick, Ryan, Luke and Exie to an extent.

Overall, this story had the bases for a good story, but needed to be cleaned up a little as most emotions could be guessed from a mile out. Not much surprises, and I was oddly disappointed that due to the nature of the novel, I never expected the sex and crime scenes to be lacking like they were. Didn't get me going much!

It seemed like the author was shy to delve into the life of crime and sex and that I found that turn out to be counterproductive and that's what took away from the novel.

Anyhoo .... still I shall venture into book 2, because I don't like unfinished business and I am hoping for a little more Ryan action somewhere in there !

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