Monday, 20 May 2013

Up to Me By M. Leighton

Another great roller coaster ride with even more secrets and twist. I wouldn't be surprised if people start raising from the dead in the next one, because you just never know who's gonna show up.

A lot more action and anxiety was present in this installment and Olivia and Cash are finally getting over some of their issues from book 1 ... knowing these two and the amount of time they spend in their heads, it's only time before new issues arrive though.

There was a shocking and welcome addition to this installment who I'm not too sure what to make of yet. Still trying to trust him.

Queue up Gavin and his sexy awesomeness because never did I think the other club manager could be so sexy and hot ... I say give him a book Ms. Leighton! *wink* ...  I wanna see this particular bad boy fall in love!

Marissa was back and definitely more likable, but as I said in my previous review of book 1, I never really hated her initially. And I really hope with this new addition, we might see some changes with her in book 3.

My girl Ginger was still present and in full swing!! She makes me wanna rock out with my cock out !!! (If I had one that is ... )

Cash was back and even better than before! This man gives me the chills in a very very good way!! I think if he looked at me I would probably just come on the damn spot!!

Olivia was awesome as always and kept everyone together if you ask me. I love this character and it's not because of how she was written, it's the crazy things she say when she's in her head. (Priceless!!)

The sex scenes in this one were definitely more creative (VIP Room scene) and smoking hot! They might not be BDSM, but dirty talk from Cash is surely filthy! He makes me wanna beg him too!!

Throughout though, this book wasn't as sexually based as book 1. The relationship dynamics have settled and now danger and secrets loom all around. It's as if we switched from romance to drama and suspense within the same story ... once again, value for money is Ms. Leighton's theme.

I loved this story as much as I loved the previous one and its for all kinds of different reasons. This is definitely not the same story as Down to you and I am teetering on the edge waiting for book 3 because I definitely need my Davenport, Townsend, Gibson fix!!

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