Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pieces By Michelle D. Argyle

Sighz ... there is no way to write this review without spoilers because the biggest spoiler of all was the biggest turn off  ... so unfortunately, here goes my first ever spoiler review.

First, let me start off by saying that the basics of this story were great. They were hardly any  grammatical errors and the conversations flowed wonderfully. Penmanship, grammar wise ... it was all good!

But plot wise and decisions .... not for me! They weren't shitty, but they just didn't invoke much from me. I think it's partly due to me anticipating a whirlwind romance with Jesse and Naomi. I think we would get to step out of the box and do the unexpected where we see a supposed Stockholm Syndrome patient showing that it is possible and not just a disease.

The usual characters were back, without a few and the addition of some new faces. One very unwelcome one in particular ...

.... And in comes Finn! The bane of both myself and Jesse's existence.
All bias and expectations aside, Finn is a good guy, but I just didn't connect with him. Maybe in another novel I could have, but Finnegan (like really!) was just not for me and maybe that is mostly due to my expectations.

Naomi with Jesse is something I wanted to and could read. Naomi with Finn is ... meh and Naomi with Naomi is annoying and sickening. Her backbone is absent and if she would have gotten her head out her little rich girl ass enough, she would see her mistakes and how blah she came off across paper.

I expected so much more out of a trip to Italy and I can honestly say that I never ventured into this novel to get a stuck in the head novel about Naomi and no closure about nothing else. I honestly believed that we would get so much more in this one. There were so many windows to jump through and instead of taking one, Ms. Argyle used the door ... disappointed I am.

It's hard to believe or better yet accept Jesse throwing his life away to be with Naomi because she made him believe that she was deeply in love with him and waited on him. Then after he sacrificed it all for her, they make a TOO clean break and we spend the next couple months in Naomi's stupid head with boring topics, conversations and decisions only for her to end up with damn Finn that no one invested their time into developing a relationship with?!?! ... yeah ... I am pretty much pissed!

Well ... there is nothing to do now and the story has ended, so we just got to accept it for what it is but I do wish we could get a book about Jesse where he is over Naomi and living somewhere exotic with a woman that deserves him! (Pick me please!!!)

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