Sunday, 19 May 2013

Down to You By M. Leighton

Well aren't u a cunning one Ms. Leighton!

Twist galore at the end of this one. I don't even know what to make of it all. At first I was thoroughly confused and then I felt like Olivia was a little slut who needed to pick between the two brothers because who messes around with twins at the same time and even sleeps with them ??? And then down to about 85% in comes the secret and I'm like wtf ?!?! Who does that .... and then obviously, with that came me going over every scene between Olivia and Cash and Olivia and Nash.

Note: I was always rooting for Cash from the beginning.

Lovely story .... written with all the right moods and moves. Had me guessing, suggesting and down right shocked throughout. Wrinkled brows was my expression throughout this novel.

A lot of things were kept secret and never revealed until the right time. I swear you never know where this book was gonna go. You keep guessing and almost always coming up short.

Nash ... he had his moments. Made me like and hate him all at once because I'm not too sure that I wanted him with Olivia because of his easy will to just dismiss Marissa. (Even if she deserved it)

Cash .... God damn if I don't want a piece of that! Think I fell in love with the character from the first scene that I read in the back of a Courtney Cole book. He breathed a certain life into the novel and had a bluntness about him that was good for the novel.

When I found out they're secret I was  like ...."shit! He must be tired as hell and a too good if you ask me liar!"

Ginger is awesomeness all around!!! I want me a friend like Ginger!

Marissa I assume was suppose to be the evil witch of the west, but honestly, the chick wasn't around much for me to hate her and if anything, she was wronged more than anyone

Anyways, this was a great novel written with just enough suspense and drama. The secrets were beautifully kept to the point where you never even remembered that  something was suppose to be nagging away at your mind.

I am disappointed that their happy ending is about to be shattered, but I think I have enough faith in this author to trust her with their story for it to be a good and enthralling one. She seems to know how to give you 2 maybe 3 stories in one, which is definitely value for money!!! :)

I can't wait  to begin book 2 to see the new troubles and spend some more time with Olivia, Cash and Nash, because these three know how to get a story going!!!

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