Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Devil's Son By Jennifer Loren

Now, we have entered uncharted territory ... This book has up and become a paranormal in the blink of an eye and honestly I don't know if I want to continue from here or what.

I love the characters and have grown connected to them all, but now the crazies have popped out and I know not which box to put this all in.

One minute I am reading about love, sex and drugs and a next in comes magic .... wtf! is not even a suitable expression as to the jumble that is my brain right about now.

I am mentally exhausted from the turn of events in this book and the fact that there should be a rule in this book that states that if a body isn't seen before it is buried, then chances are the person is still alive.

At first I was glad for the trip down memory lane where we got to see Nick when he was being called Nicky and to finally get some connection for Lena, Ryan, Elijah, Luke and even Dwayne (those were funny beginnings). It was even good to get the background around Franky.

Once again, secrets loom and I swear you could smell fear with every page you turn.

The update into the present was matched beautifully, and it was good to get an update on everyone, even Kayla's father if not especially him.

As the story continues, we seem to see Nick more to the forefront as the other characters, even Kayla is fading into the background. It's as if we started with a crime love story and stray into sci-fi. I have always said this story felt more like a TV series than a plain 'ol novel and it is proving that more.

While I say kudos to Ms. Loren for pumping more than one genre from a book, I believe the story has now strayed from it's original path and my continuation with it is circumstantial. I am mostly just not sure if this is a road I would have want these characters to take and if I want to take it with them. Actually, it makes me a little upset that the story took this path. I would have suggested writing a different novel with different characters to get across this story line, as this set isn't it!

Still, the initial stages were good and the writing style for this novel has grown substantially. I only hope that it gets better and we don't lose the vibe and characters we have grown to love from book 1, as the author ventures down this paranormal road.

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