Saturday, 18 May 2013

Reason to Breathe By Rebecca Donovan

I am at a lost as to where to start with this one ...

Carol is sick!!! ... I honestly don't believe she is pure evil. I refuse to believe that and will come to the conclusion that she is sick and needs some help.

A whirlwind of emotions were portrayed within this book. It's been a while since a book brought tears to my eyes, but this one did. I am such an emotional ball of mess!! (This is sooo unlike me)

I understand the premise behind her decision to stay regardless, but I m still pissed that she wasn't more vigilant living in a house with  a crazy woman. Her guard should have always been up and m,aybe we would get more interesting scenes in the beginning like we did in the end.

I loved how this story was written and portrayed. The characters were written wonderfully and it held so much more than most books that are set in a high school. I contribute that strength and difference to Emma!

She is not your usual high school student. She is way beyond her years. She even makes me wanna be more and I am not in her situation.
This story reminded me so much of 'The Coincidence of  Callie and Kayden' except that Emma and Evan were more the college students and Callie and Kayden the high school students. (No offence Jessica!)

Regardless of her abuse, she was strong and independent. She never allowed her situation to determine what she wanted. She was determined and took some risk that had me shaking in my boots not wanting her to. (Park scene)

I connected with these characters. Each had their own story and even though Evan seemed to have the perfect life, that didn't make you hate him as a character or see him as too perfect. He was imperfectly perfect ... if that even makes sense o.O

Sara was a delight and of the best best friends out there in literature land. She held a certain feel about her that was transferred lovely to the the novel. I believe she deserves a book herself as she has issues that might not have been predominately portrayed throughout the novel, but was still present.

I felt like I went through every minute of the day with Emma and I never got bored. Explanations were granted were necessary and I believe that the novel held just the right balance with not too much explanations and just the right amount where necessary.

I was thoroughly pleased that for a high school based novel, sex wasn't running wild and serious issues were addressed. It stilled had that light - hearted care-free high school feel, but it was also so much more.

George is .... the jury is still out on this one because I don't know what to make of him feigning ignorance. I'm also still trying to process how I feel about Emma's mother and maybe throughout the rest of the series I might be able to clear the fog that is currently overtaking my brain from this emotionally twisted novel.

Either way, this was a great novel. It held just the right tones and emotions. It had me up then down and all about. I loved all the characters (except crazy Carol) and the writing was near flawless! My emotions were all over the place and I didn't mind quite a bit. I kept skimming pages to see if something bad is going to happen before I revert to the pages I missed.

Once again, great book and I can't wait to get to book 2 to clear up what happened next because I am dying to know what now ...

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