Friday, 24 May 2013

The Devil's Revenge By Jennifer Loren

Will it ever end .... ? Idk! But I know that it's a good little fix when you need some action.

Team Nick and Kayla were back with a vengeance!! Bonnie and Clyde has nothing on these two!

This book series keeps getting better and complex. New characters have arrived and we are getting the opportunity to learn more and build a better connection with the older characters. Nicky is growing up and some new additions are added to the family. Even the secrets are better kept.

If possible, Kayla got even more badass and I fell even more in love with this character. She just has this air about her that you can't help. I swear I feel like I am watching a TV series when I read this book.
Because of this though, sometimes this book got a little winded, but not in a bad edited way, just more of a get to the point way!

Still, this book was written better than the first and a lot more momentum was present. I was jittery, anxious, impatient and so much more, waiting on Nick and his team to strike.

While I didn't get the Ryan, Nick, Kayla love triangle I had initially hope for, Ryan still got hiss HEA (well, as much as this series affords), and I am definitely not pleased with the choice he got. While I think it is noble and out of the box who was picked for his mate, I didn't find it necessary in a story like this and see where future problems will arrive by her shortcomings. (No offence)

Brady and Lena were given more roles this time and we start to feel those bonds tighten. Nothing like a little gangster loving :)

Nick was back with revenge and goal on his mind and I'd be damned if he didn't complete it. He was ruthless, charming, mercurial and everything else that makes up Nick Jayzon. The man could star in any book or dream of mine any day! To get a love like his and Kayla, people would kill.

I must admit that the earlier scenes were pretty obvious, but not enough to detract from the greatness that was this second novel. I felt like I was in an action movie half of the time and the addition of the new men only made the team stronger and better. It also aided the novel, as we finally got some answers and sort through some of the mess from the past.

Elijah is great and I hope we have some more from him in book 3. He had a certain life and feel to the novel that was definitely missing. I have fallen in love with the characters as I progressed through this book and God knows I can't lose any of them now.

With that, I am a little apprehensive to go into book 3 and I hope for the best as I continue down this journey that seems to only get better. 

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