Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Unbeautifully By Madeline Sheehan

I know I should be repulsed by the events and actions that take place in this series but damn it all to hell I can't!!

It's like it keeps getting better ... with every book I can't help but to crave more!!

This one was totally different from a POV stand point ... between Ripper, Danny, Deuce and Eva's POV  I never got lost and all I wanted was more ... like I was thirsty and milking a friggin cow!!

Wow !!! ... another amazingly written story in the series. Everyone was present and accounted for with just as much if even not more drama. I so wanna read this book again, even if I know what's behind the doors.

Ripper is fucking awesome and I love him!! Scars and all!! Dude open his mouth and I just want to come!! He is damn awesome!!! I craved his scenes. Being in his mind and around his presence was extraordinarily good. He's just ... *sigh*

ZZ ... damn ... he might have been dealt the shittiest hand out of everyone else but I hear he has a story so hopefully he'll get his HEA ... or whatever that means for a Hell's Horseman because Madeline Sheehan is a twisted lady!!!

Deuce was still present and I was glad to see he never changed one bit! He was still Deuce and no amount of Eva's pussy could change that. ( I swear this book brings out the crude in me). It was good to see him changing without changing (totally confused myself), and to see the fall out of Frankie's actions.

No gaps were left empty. They were all filled, whether we liked it or not.

Danny ... got to say I never expected this from her of all characters. She was always such a breathe of fresh air and sunshine ... the dark things that she went through in this book were shocking and I must say I barely get shocked by Ms. Sheehan because you almost always know to expect the worse with her.

It was also good to get a glimpse of Preacher even if we never got to delve back into the heart of NYC.

Got a taste of Cage in this one again and I am salivating like a dog again! *sighz* ... Honestly, Tegen would be crazy to give that up!

Cox and Kami were up to their crazy antics as usual and the club continued to receive it's share of drama as we got re-acquainted and familiar with other members of the club.

This installment carried all the good and bad vibes from book 1 and opened up so much more. I loved every letter down to the last full stop in this novel. I was never bored and this novel was never lacking!

Ms. Sheehan did it again with an awesome installment in the Undeniable series and I really hope she reconsiders an ebook for book 3 because I don't think I can ever get enough of this series.

The language, the culture, the people ... it's all real, raw and ready to be read!


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