Sunday, 5 May 2013

Breathe Into Me By Amanda Stone

Hmmm .... I honestly don't know. I am at a lost as to where to start.
The story wasn't enticing nor did it capture my attention that much, but it also wasn't  a total bust either.

I'm permanently on the fence with this one. I don't love it, but it's not the worse either. It is a definite cross between an almost good novel and a high school English Literature book report.

Kane ...  Hmmm .... he was ok. But not much came from him. It's like he was necessary to have as a love interest but that's where the line was drawn. You didn't get much about or around him. He could have been a kick ass character if he was given the chance.

Kelsey .... she had her moments. There were times when the dialogue was ok and flowing and then it just totally veered off course. Around half way through the book, it seemed that the editor forgot to review a couple chapters, because there were so many editing errors.

Once again, you barely got anything from the supporting characters and the classroom scenes were vague and unnecessary. Most of the story felt like a manuscript with ideas, waiting to be expounded upon.

The major fight that normally accompanies a romance novel was monotonous and didn't strike much of a chord for me. The big climax that came literally at the end of the novel, was so fast paced without much build up or surprise. Everything went off in a flash and before you know it, you have reached the epilogue which is really just one page of the main character at a grave talking about nothing much in particular.

A few closure was awarded to us in the epilogue, but it wasn't much and surprisingly it was enough, because not much went on with the story to begin with.

The romance and sex scenes weren't much. They were pretty much basic like the rest of this novel. You don't even know why the guy did a 360 with his personality, he just did and all of a sudden he's a saint and all is right with the world. Like I said, total manuscript in need of passion and drive to make what could be a fairly decent story.

I think if this story was re-written and edited properly, with a little passion, action and thought, this could have been a  better novel. But as is, it didn't do much for me. It was very stiff and needed to cut back on the unnecessary things that were explained, and to allow the more important things to be elaborated upon.

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