Monday, 27 May 2013

Cautious By E.L. Montes

*sighz* ... I wanna do it ... really and truly, after that acknowledgement and author bio, I really wanna do it because E.L. Montes seems like a great woman ... but I pride myself on being honest (... at least when it comes to my reviews) ... This is just Disastrous all over again with a different name. Frankly, I don't see why this couldn't have been in the first book, because both stories take place over a span of probably 2 and a 1/2 years if even so much. And the epilogue of Cautious was just a one year lapse.

Still, I don't know what it is about the characters that made me sign up to read Jimmie's novella. It's like despite the awful conversations and set up, you still wanna see what happens and you still tolerate some of the characters.

I believe the plot for this story is a really good one, but the way it was written was just down right awful. For the love of me, I can't understand why Marcus continues to cuss as much as he does when he is in his own head, and at least Mia had some redeeming qualities in this one as I flat out didn't care much for her in the last one.

Honestly, and I must say it again, awesome story line! Even if it has been done before, there is something about the story line in this series that's just down right great! But the execution was poor and needed a lot of guidance.

Most of the jokes were lame and there was so (emphasis on the 'so') much unnecessary conversation and descriptions ... I'm like "Cut it out already!" I already know that your gonna sit in the passenger seat that obviously has to be at the front beside the driver that is your man as obviously Jeremy and Megan are gonna sit in the back like they asked the night before ... get to the real points and stop stressing on unnecessary stuff!!

The relationship dynamic that is Jeremy and Megan was ... idk ... but I wasn't interested and would rather if little nit picks of unnecessary events between the two were left out. It honestly did nothing for the story except fill space like most of the unnecessary conversations and explanations.

Elle was a charm and part of the reason why despite my indifference to the series, I can't wait to read Jimmie's story, because Jimmie is awesome and I love my Elle fix!

I have once again gone through another book and still not know how to feel about Marcus DeLuca, even with a glimpse into his mind. I don't hate him like Mia, but i don't love him like Elle either. He's just there and I guess he'll just stay there because honestly ... once again, I don't know (Totally get how Mia felt)

But, as the smoke cleared I found that the scene of the bust wasn't too bad in regards to Mia's account. After that, I was indifferent again. (Maybe it's getting it from Marcus POV, idk!)

Still, I have faith in E.L. Montes because she does know how to think up a plot. So I will try another of her novels and pray for the best, because the Disastrous series as it stands is just not my cup of tea!

P.S. ... I don't even have a clue as to why it was titled Cautious ... but ok !

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