Monday, 6 May 2013

Crush By Nicole Williams

It's a love/hate relationship with this one as is with the other two in the series.

I have patiently waited for the release of all three (3) books in this series and it's fair to say I was not disappointed. It was exactly a Jude and Lucy story. It had a little less drama than Crash and Clash, but it had a realistic amount that showcased not only how far they have come, but help to catapult them into adulthood and situations that arrived within the story.

A thing about this series that I am glad for, is that I normally hate trilogies because I see them as a way for authors to try and cash out using one story, but with this series, that wasn't the case at all. We got to grow up with the characters, and not just the main ones.

We got to see more of Holly and Little Jude and it felt good to know that it was the same story, but in different stages. The characters remained, but the concept changed and life progressed. We were taken on a journey from two kids on a beach in the summer, to high school where dreams were built and relationships were tested, where we moved on to the struggles of college and the strengthening of a love that's so sure, some would kill to get. We then ended up here to where life outside of the education system is beginning for Jude and Lucy and they did it in true Jude and Lucy style with no reservations. (P.S. Remembered these details without re-reading the first two book which I haven't read in probably a year)

As always, there was someone trying to get in between this epic love, and they were totally shut down! The main thing I love about these two, was the trust they had in each other (regardless of Jude's reaction to Lucy's news). I never doubted these two, because even with miles apart, they were always true to the couple we came to love in Crash.

Having India and Thomas also thrown into the mix was awesome. I loved that Holly finally got a break and that the tradition of Friday Night Dinner Parties lived on.

Regardless of his intentions, I had no problem with Anton as an addition to this cast, because he only strengthened that lovely bond that was built by Jude and Lucy. And even though I hated these two names initially because of what they represented, it grew on me and I loved everything Jude said "Luce"

I loved to see how sexual Lucy became as she has truly grown from the girl she was on the beach. And while they're sex scenes weren't full of all kinds of kinky things, it was still hot and their dirty talk made me all hot and bothered! To sum it all up, I love Jude and Lucy (yes together...)

I believe this was a great end to a lovely book series and I just wish we could have gotten to seen Wyatt and Lucy's mom one last time. A wedding would have been nice too, but after all, it's Jude and Lucy so all those two need are each other.

It was so weird to see so much changed while so much remained the same. This I think is a commendable feat for a writer. To allow me to feel apart of the story even after all the time that elapsed and all the changes that were made.

Anyways, great end to a good series and I am thoroughly pleased with the development and projection. This was smooth and precise writing from an author I can now say is seasoned in this business and I give Ms. Williams her props for another great book!


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      Yup! I am a tough critic indeed. I really don't try to be though, I just speak my mind but sometimes it comes of a little strong.

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