Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Opportunist By Tarryn Fisher

Olivia Kaspen you are a diva in my book!!

The characters were different, especially Olivia. She wasn't nice and she never agreed to nor try to be and for that I fell in love with this character. I went as far as to try and justify her actions (the Jessica Alexander situation).

I loved the concept and I was thoroughly surprised with the twists in the end of this one. The flashbacks as it relates to the present was done in good taste and it helped strengthen the story line and characters in my book. However, I was thoroughly sadden by the ending and totally confused if I wanna be happy with my girl or if I should kick her ass for settling but I am just not sure.

Cammie is a dream and a kick ass girlfriend to have in your corner! With that said though, these chicks are crazy and I would not wanna be on the receiving end of their conniving plots because they take no damn prisoners!

Turner was a retard and I have no idea what his purpose was he just got on my damn nerves!

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb ... you wronged and I still giving you the right because if ever there was a sweet boyfriend, it is Caleb Drake and what I also loved about this character is that he never tried to hide his little evil ways either and he wasn't the total golden boy.

I rarely ever compare books to each other or try to recommend a book based off one I just finish reading, but if you liked the 'Avoiding Responsibility' series, you will definitely appreciate this, as it's  'Avoiding Responsibility' with a better heroine (No offence K.A. Linde)

Once again, I stumbled on a story that moved further than two years and I was glad for the growth as it set the right tone and allowed me to understand and get to love and appreciate the story as well as the characters.

There was no rush and the story was told perfectly, with even a touch of crime along the way. It had great interactions and conversations. The wit and humour were never far away and I kept wanting more. I paused at 25% to get some work done and when I took it back up I never stopped until it said 100%

This is no fairy tale but neither is it crass or vulgar. It sets the right tones, leaves you fairly confused and satisfied all while a million things happened around you.

There was no need to pair everyone up and flood the heroine with an array of friends to maker her feel better about herself. Olivia was strong, confident and everything you could ask for in a woman! She has one friend, and that's just enough!

I go on to book 2 with a little apprehension as I don't want anyone to get hurt and I really want the dust to settle and stay but still, on I go as I just can't get enough of Olivia Kaspen!

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