Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dangerous to Know & Love By Jane Harvey-Berrick

Wow! What a book.

I am a little surprised by some reviews that suggested that this book was a DNF and how bad it was, but I saw neither. Initially, I saw the potential for it to become a DNF, but if you stuck around a little longer, it got better.

This was a well researched book with lessons throughout, despite the presentation.

I will admit that this book hard a super bad (No pun intended) and slow start, but after Daniel's confession, it got better. It picked up a pace and maintained it throughout.

I was able to relate to the characters and the story on a level. The details placed within this story was done really well.  I never found any information lacking or to be too much. It striked just the right notes and chords.

I'll  admit that I found the writing style weird and sometimes a bit confusing, as you don't know when you were gonna slip into another character's mind in the middle of a conversation. Still, at times it was good and helped clear some issues sooner rather than later.

Be advised not to form any impressions from your first meeting with these characters (maybe except for Shauna and Kirsty) because first impressions are wrong and these characters continue to surprise you.

This was definitely a long story, but it was also a journey to help Daniel through the struggles within his life. It was a welcomed change, as the troubled bad boy actually had some serious issues that warmed your heart and at times brought tears to my eyes (I could never imagine)!!!

But even with the heavy, it still had a light air about it which brought on the fun, witty side of the novel with accompanying characters like Cori and Rodney.

I fell in love with the character Rodney, he had a certain vibe about him that I hoped could have grace the pages of this book sooner.

It at times felt like we were watching a movie instead of reading a book. The visuals were done beautifully and the only thing that could have made it a little bit better, was if the sex scenes weren't so limited in descriptions. But I kind of get the need to keep it on the level it was at, due to the vibe of the book and Lisanne's experience.

Lisanne character was too good to be true. I so know the feeling that must have been going through Daniel's head. She had her downfalls, and initially I could see myself not liking her (first impressions again), but overall, she was a good, strong character minus the unnecessary tearful moments.

Lisanne's parents were great in the parental department and did not seem forced or unrealistic at all.

Totally love Pops and grandma!

Zef was a hot headed idiot but u still loved him when it all boil down, and his fate turned out to be the best choice for him.

Overall, this was a great story about love, lost, determination, acceptance and life on a hold. Emotions ran rampant and most of your usual college cliches were absent and that was welcomed. It also helped with the realistic aspects such as age, decisions and surprisingly even restrictions.

I enjoyed Daniel's banters and every time he had to explain his situation to someone new, even if it was profanity laced. I totally understand his anger and while he really should look into anger management classes, it wasn't as  annoying as other reviewers made it out to be.
There was so much going on that his bursts of anger were the least and took a back seat for me.

Plus, to top it all off, it wasn't full of an overwhelmingly amount of angst and petty teenage drama. The fact that it was a full book that had no cliffhanger ending nor tried to capitalize by calling itself a series, was a lovely bonus that maintained that quality about this story.

Sad to see this one end, because I will surely miss Daniel and Lisanne. This was a beautiful story and the passion and energy that went into it showed.

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