Sunday, 19 May 2013

Barely Breathing By Rebecca Donovan

Somebody help me out here to understand how after everything she has gone through, she made the decision that she did at the end of this book .....

I know everyone wants a HEA for her and Evan but Emma was a real bitch with that end move! Personally, I think he deserves better. Maybe not Analise, but better!

I liked Jonathan character and I believe that the discovery in the end was  just to make him look bad and abruptly allow her to make a decision.
He was  a good guy and should never have been added the way he was nor victimized in the end. We all fail to see that *spoiler alert* except for the final scene in `Reason to breathe`***  ... Evan is always running away when she needed him the most.

I have to say this installment was much better than the last. It showed Emma managing her freedom and life after Carol. There were more emotions other than sadness and also gave her a taste of life outside of high school. A lot of things were clarified in both present and past and we got to see more dimensions to Emma.

However, it was clear to see that this book's focus was based solely around Emma as Evan and Sara was absent a lot and that placed a strain on those relationships.
Still, she was the same Emma getting into all sorts of trouble and man do I wanna smack her across her damn face frequently!! (P.S. people in this book should try not to make a big production of their birthdays)

Rachel was a breathe of fresh air, when she wasn't drinking or sleeping around. Minus the not loving her child, and the drugs and alcohol or the fact that she is just down right crazy, she's a cool mom!

We also got to delve more into the Mathews and McKinleys. A lot more adults were present in this installment and some advises helped while others were the catalyst for really bad decisions.

Overall though, this was a better book than the first and gave us a lot more as well as showed the growth of the characters we loved from Book 1.

I am a little skeptical about book 3 because I don't know what to expect or what I want to expect. Book 2 left me so confused as is most cliffhanger  books, but this time I'm not rooting for anyone. Just waiting to see the dumb mistakes Emma is about to make and her illogical logic behind it all.

I swear this girl pushes away the people with the things she need most in life and has a magnet for the bad.

Let's see if life in college is any different. (Doubt it ...)

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