Thursday, 30 May 2013

Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry

I don't know if it's because I took Katie's playlist to heart and I am listening to Time after Time at the moment, but somehow I feel like this is a preview to an actual novel ... or maybe that's just wishful thinking (let me know). But I really loved and connected with this story and it's "Letters to Juliet" feel. ( Not that I'd know, I never watched the show)

Still, I liked Lincoln initially more than I liked Lila and I believe that there's could be a really good story if given the chance .. it's not too late :-)

Either way, eventually throughout this novella, that was good novella length and quality, I fell in love with the characters that are Lila and Lincoln.  I love the bits and pieces from their letters at the beginning of  each chapter and I got so much emotions from such a short novella that its crazy!

I loved the paintball scene and I believe that's what cemented my love for these two, especially Lila. It made me want to re-read Pushing the Limits so I could pay more attention to when she mentioned Lincoln in that book. It's too bad their story only got a novella because it was a good one.

Our little Echo fix was nice and it was good to get a shout out to all the characters, even if they weren't all present.

Lila is snarky, witty and a little crazy, but you can't help but love her OCD ways. While Lincoln seems even sexier on paper than Noah. I could see myself falling in love with this awesome boy and I would read his story especially with his dysfunctional family.

Really good novella this one, and Katie McGarry deserves her props for a short and sweet story about two  lost people trying to find their way ... I really hope they do.

P.S. ... Still holding out for a novel on them :-)

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