Sunday, 12 May 2013

If You Stay By Courtney Cole

Strong and steady start just the way a book should be started! It had me from the first paragraph which I re-read and laughed my ass off. It was all going steady and strong and then they started dating and it slowly got confusing, boring, regular until it's like the author just gave up on writing a story anymore.

I am utterly shocked and disappointed that this story ended at 87% when so much more could have been elaborated upon as oppose to a reconciliation straight into forever with a vague description of the in between ... like wtf? what happened? I was really feeling this one and then before I know it, it all goes to shit!

Still, I can't completely hate on it, because it had a lot of strong points. The issues were real and portrayed beautifully. My only concern was that I think Pax's dive into the past should have been told from his POV. Still, it was done lovely and still had me on the edge of my chair.

Not that I have anything against Mila, because the girl is amazing, but I found my self preferring the story through Pax's POV and only wanted Mila's side when Pax wanted to know what she thought.

Pax was great character. He was strong and strong willed, focus, driven, witty, funny and I honestly believe he held most of the weight as to why I read this story even when I saw it slipping. That also makes me terribly upset as to what we got for his last thought. I expected and wanted more.

All the other characters were plain and insignificant if you ask me, which leaves me thoroughly surprised as to the abrupt fast forward of book 1 and the utter shock that book 2 is about two totally different characters.

Note to everyone, Pax is not a Pussy! (his words, not mine) and I must say I loved every delectable inch of this character. (my words) ;)

The sex scenes lack so much passion it was ridiculous, but thank God for the kitchen scene, because it was one of the few passionate ones, and in total I think it's just 3. (Not really sure).

The climax/conflict was a really good one and not your usual go to drama, but the execution was poor. It was vague, rushed and held no excitement at all. As a matter of fact, it was all summed up in the epilogue by the wrong character with basically no gusto! It was the center point of the novel so I was shocked, annoyed and frustrated all in one.

This was one of those epic novels that reached 60% and just threw it all away by coming cliche and rushed. I can't even understand what causes this most of the time.

Overall though, the plot was good, the characters strong and if not for the route the book eventually took, it would be one of the greats. Still, it taught me a lot and brought across a whole lot of emotions and issues that we all tend to pass by in live. Good novel, just needed a little bit more push to be great!

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