Friday, 3 May 2013

The Upside of Letting Go By Nacole Stayton

Slow down! That's a very fitting advise for the author. I felt like Haley was ranting throughout the entire book and as such I didn't get much depth or emotions from anyone. It was all so rushed.

I know I read a book sometimes and I really want to get to the meat of the matter but the anticipation is what blows it out of the water. I admire the authors projection of being straight forward and to the point but i gotta be like put the brakes on that  just one minute! Like allow me to process A before moving on to B.

It was like being in a sprint. You got no time to process much and very frequently I move from the middle of a serious situation into 3 weeks or months later with a summary of all that took place.

The book span over maybe a 4 or 5 years period and it still felt like she just stepped off the bus to me. I don't know where anything started or where it ended. The potential to be a wonderful story was there but it was smashed by the urgency of everything!

There was so much going on with no depth and no structure. I don't know when they decide they like each other, when they decide they wanted more. I just know one minute she runs in him, the next he is carrying her and couple hours later he has his tongue down her throat. It's like listening to a record playing in slow fast forward.

I honestly can't pinpoint a character to say "Hey I loved this one!" but that's only due to the urgency placed on each scene. However, I believe major potential was present if the opportunity was given. I can say Lucy's character was a good one and I would have loved to see much more development on her part as she had a little fire that just needed a little fanning to blaze!

The connection Haley and Kyler (hated his name btw) shared was a little extreme if you ask me but I get where it help and it grew on me a little.

The humour and steamy sex level in this one was a steamy 0 and boy did the opportunities arrive. (14 year old sister in law can definitely read this). I hardly believed most of the emotions the characters professed and I was utterly shocked as to Haley's career path. I swear based on her past she would have one up to try and find a cure or something.

School was pretty non existent in this one and due to the rush I have no clue what happened where, just a big blop dropped on us in the end sort of like a summary ... really idk ....

I actually loved Jude's character and believe he brought so much to this one, much more than the main characters. I was actually pissed with his outcome as for an author who believed in happy endings, Jude seems to get an ass kicking from life often!

It's safe to say that this was a very good story with a lot of every day occurrences and very good messages, wrapped up with a good plot and a lot of potential. If only it was rewritten with a lot more passion and some one pressed pause to slow it down a little and cut out the unnecessary segments (fry chicken scene), it could have been a good one!

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