Saturday, 11 May 2013

Down London Road By Samantha Young

Another good one from Samantha Young ... it's not as good a story as Until Fountain Bridge, but it's more like on Dublin Street, but with Jo instead of Joss.

Jo ... I must say I envisioned something totally different for Jo's story, but I must say I was still thoroughly pleased. A lot of family drama but it's not done to create that feeling of annoyance or dread when abuse is described. It focuses more on the positives but with a more subtle approach when necessary.

The usual characters were present and for that I was grateful, because they didn't fade into the background like accessories. They were pretty much showcased throughout the book and it was nice to keep in touch with everyone from the previous books. It made it more real.

Cam .... hmmm .... another deliciously handsome caveman was added, but this one barely had a filter on him and a twist with the usual hero was present and didn't detract but added to the plot. It was a different take as oppose to the other books, but it was still Jo's story and it was a cute, funny and witty read.

The sex scenes .. whew! Idk, but so far Cam has over taken the others, because his dirty talk is filthy and the way he touches Jo scorches even me! It's not S & M but it's still explosive explosive. It's deep and meaningful sex that is totally hot and have you feeling so much things by a few lines and looks! These two know how to have sex with your eyes.

I loved the silent conversations that were passed throughout the book, Jo and Cam made a good team and their relationship was open (not in that way), which left little to try and sort, so you could just enjoy the relationship with them. However, secrets still lingered and challenges were ever present.

It seems Club 39 is becoming an era and I will definitely miss it, as it seemed like THE central place throughout all installments.

Malcolm was a great character surprisingly for his role, and I am so sorry he had to get hurt, but I somehow wouldn't mind a couple more books from this series. I don't know if it's the series or the writing style, but Ms. Young writes comfort books that you can't help but curl up with.

Cole was highlighted in this one and I totally fell in love with his awesomeness (jail bait I know). But I could see a book for Cole. I'd definitely read that one!

Overall, you got updates to the previous characters, a scorching hot romance and a story about abuse, love, friendship, family, trust, faith, strength, determination and worth. This is a good comfortable read on any day.

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