Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Of Blood and Bone By Courtney Cole

So ... I stumbled upon this book at the end of 'If you Stay' and I had to give it a read and I am so glad I did.
It's not what I usually read, but this one just sunk it's teeth in me and wouldn't let me go!

Once again, Ms. Cole is fantastic at getting your attention when she starts a story. I wanna know just as much as the female lead character and I don't mind the glimpses we get into that of Luca Minaldi.

I love the location, as it was good great to get out of the usual USA scene and venture to a country with different culture, people and settings. It wasn't your usual college campus or downtown city within the U.S. and it was great! (felt like taking a vacation)

The development and twist were unexpected and Courtney did a good job of never giving anything away until the characters themselves find out. I was hardly ever one step a head and it was refreshing! I liked that I had to be on my feet with this one.

However, I must say that this author continues to shy away from conversation. I noticed it in her previous book and it is here again. We spend a lot of time in the minds of the characters, and even though once we get dialogue it is fairly good, I still believe a little bit more conversation could be had within the novel.

The first sex scene was primal and intense and due to the nature of the novel, I would have hope the sex scenes to follow would be as such if not a little more when she found out his secret, but once again they seem to have just been mentioned into passing through the mind of the characters.

At times, the story felt rush like we were trying to fast forward to a point and I am not sure if this has anything to do with the author splitting up the story into parts and not trying to give too much away.

The arrival of Luca's brothers, especially Damien, was welcomed and I wish he would stay a while, because I gravitated to his character for the brief time he spent once again in the mind of Eva.

A glimpse into Luca's mind when the 'affliction' took over was a nice addition and I only wish we had more.

Anyways, this was a great story that might be themed as paranormal romance, (I'm not sure) but I know that it was a different and refreshing read and with a little bit more dialogue, it could have been great.

The impromptu cliffhanger ending was very much unappreciated and did make me want more, as well as make me want to break something. I really wish authors would just give us a full book and be done with it.

Anyhoo ... in closing I'd just like to say: "It's all in the scotch"!! *wink**wink* (Hope I'm right this time!)

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