Sunday, 18 August 2013

13 Rounds By Lauren Hammond

What I would like to know is, what was that I just read? -_- Felt like a sneak preview to me. Kinda like a movie trailer.

There are samples that are longer than this novella. I am starting to wonder if I didn't get a few pages or someone released her draft without her knowing and posting it as her novel. For half the price of book 1, this novel also has less than half the amount of content in book 1.

We got back all the characters, and the three inner monologues but then what else did we get?

I think this story probably span a couple hours or could have, because switching days or week, doesn't detract from the fact that this isn't a full story, and felt like someone skimming through a novel. For my $2.99?! ... No, that's not cutting it!

First of all, we didn't even pick up where we left off. I have no idea how they solved their problem to end up back together and the fact that book 2 ended the same way as book 1 but without as much story line and chapters is a total turn off for me. Honestly, this is robbery and this series isn't that good for you to be buying it basically per chapter. As a matter of fact, there are chapters that are longer than this entire story.

I came into this book not sure where the characters are at, and how they got there, and I left not sure where they are going or where they will be when it's all over. Only thing I am sure of, is that this possessed a very careless kidnapping, abrupt conversation and break up, and that Murphy might be dead by the next book. I still don't even know if Teagan is the rat or why they thought so in the first place, as well as, where was her 'husband' in all this, because I surely thought he was dead to let this happen. But then as I said before, the story seemed like it only elapsed a couple hours, because I could have finish reading it in half an hour if I wasn't busy.

There was no Sean banter with himself or anyone else. There wasn't the fight that I expected from Hadlee that she so professed in book 1 and I swear they got the least amount of attention as a couple than you would expect from a novel that I assumed was based on them. There was too much going on without a central point, direction or conclusion. We were all over the place, covering bases, while we barely had a present story. Just as I thought we were going to finally get into why we are here, it ended ... with an unnecessary attempted murder I might add!

There was no start, middle or end. Just a run through or call it a summary of what did and will probably happen. There was no climax (I don't count the too easy break up), and there was nothing to get the action flowing in our blood. I usually avoid 50 pages novels, because I don't think you can write a story within 50 pages.  Because I already started this series, I expected more and took that leap. Glad to know I was right, because this wasn't even subpar!

This "novel" lacked, creativity, passion, direction, development ... it basically lacked sense. I am truly disappointed and astounded that this was passed as a novel. And to make matters worse, it is full of grammatical errors. I am at a lost as to how you make errors with 50 pages -_- ... Afterall, it's 50 pages o.O

Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I have decided to wait until March 2014 (might be longer) for the release of the 3rd installment, as I believe in miracles, chances and redemption. Please don't let me down!

If one thing you do get from this novel though, isn't a sense of urgency for the next, as you have nothing to make you anxious or excited to jump into the next. So take all the time you need to write the next book, because you have some major making up to do!

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