Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tracks By Sarah Biermann

Tracks ... this is one of those books that you have to power through to get to the good stuff. It's not easy and you will feel like giving up, because Dylan is a tad naive and Jeremy is ... well, Jeremy. But about 70% into this book, I started to get really interested and went through the motions with the characters. Even as the obvious story line was revealed, I loved how it was portrayed and the few instances that separated this story from the others.

I am the first to say that I had mixed feelings throughout the entirety of this novel. I had an unsure start, then I got annoyed with Dylan's reaction to Jeremy, then I fell in love with them, then with the introduction of Scott, I was relieved to have a love triangle of sorts, and I got to say, I loved Scott, and found it interesting that even swimming in all his riches, Scott had a one up on everything when it comes to Jeremy. Except Dylan's heart sweet :D

Anyhoo, I moved from wanting a love triangle, to anxiously hoping that Dylan and Jeremy can work it out as a couple, as I love them together and honestly believe they are better together than apart. You can imagine my surprise as to the ending of this book, and the blurb for book 2. I know I wasn't happy with the ending of this installment as it relates to their relationship dynamic, but I am kinda upset that Jeremy can't get a break in book 2 and they are still fighting for each other. I just want them to be happy already!

Jeremy is complex. You love him, you hate him, you despise him, you feel sorry for him and then it all starts over again. He is no way a prince and I am surprised the boy has a liver left. With his bad luck, by book 3 he might have cancer -_-

Still, I love his character and the tender moments he has with Dylan. I was unsure of their relationship initially, as I found it a little too easy and happy go lucky, at least on Dylan's part. But as the story went on, I believed in them as a couple, and then resent Scott's addition, as I think he placed some if not most of the doubt on this relationship. Ideas can be toxic little seeds that grow to fruition, I always say, and I wasn't wrong here at all. You have some relationships and people who need a support system to heal. Dylan and Jeremy are those people. I believe without interference, they could make it together, but it would definitely be a fight!

As I said before, Dylan is a uber naive 22 year old with self-esteem issues that run a  mile! The press in this novel ain't the pretty ones either. They are ruthless, and strive on picking the bad out of everything. I swear they are like leeches! Obviously, this doesn't help Dylan's self-esteem issues the least. Still, with a less than stellar upbringing and family history, she turns it all around, and when this girl gets a backbone you fall more in love with her. I was impressed with her turns and when she decided to take both their lives in her hands. She's hot when she's in control ;)

Surprisingly, I loved the detox and how real it felt. He was bitter and resentful like an addict, and for a girl with self-esteem issues, Dylan handled it like a pro!

This story isn't about a shy, pretending to be bad rock star, who is looking for a wife and groupie to take all around the world with him. This is about a young man who is highly intelligent and unsure as to how to relate to people as a reflection of his own upbringing and self-worth issues. It shows him finding his light, losing it and finding it again. While we never get this story from Jeremy's POV, Dylan did a good job of portraying that for us and while I wasn't sure if I liked him initially, I loved him in the end.

It's not all good and even with a story book beginning, we got a realistic story in the middle and end. I know I can't wait to get my hand on book 2, because I am in love with this couple and I wanna see them fight their issues together, because I will always be team Dylan and Jeremy, even if they're with someone else.

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