Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ceaseless By Abbi Glines

I won't discount this story as being a bad one, but I have to say, regardless of the beginning of this installment, it was very uninspiring in the end. It's like the author feels the frail connection between Dank and Pagan and decide that it would be best to keep a flat note so that no one compares to the perfection that is Dankmar (still love his name btw).

Loved the beginning of this novel and the premise. I felt it a smart move to basically try to give us a completely new story at the end of a series. I was uncertain as to the necessity of a third book for Dank and Pagan as oppose to Lief and Sabine, but a clean slate changed my mind.

We started off well, even building a relationship with Dank and Gee that I am sure no other transporter has, and I was really getting into the motions of this story. Pagan was semi-fresh and to see her try to connect the dots as we go was interesting and different.

Then in pops Jay and I'm like ... "WTH is this? Her soul mate is a douche and Dank is a god for crying out loud!" ... everyone keeps waiting on that connection that never really came. Dank did the martyr thing and Pagan did the girly thing that normally made her different from the rest of the female population.

Then before I know it, crazy stuff start to happen and the one thing I never wanted but expected happen (read to find out) ;)

I think this a trend with this series. Stellar beginnings, but then the ends just don't live up to your expectation. They are either really corny or so subtle they seem like your just skipping through a chapter in the middle of the book. That excitement and uncertainty lasted a millisecond too short!

As ever, Lief was present. I never really felt much for him this time. Honestly, it was kind of ballsy for him. Being a coward and all. I understand his curiosity, but I would prefer if he moved on with Sabine or anyone and get his own book. Speaking of books, I was starting to wonder if Gee was gonna get her own show, but with that ending and some questions hanging out there, I don't know what to think.

I am not certain if it's because we had to love Dank all over again, but I was beginning to like them as a couple for the first time through the series. I saw it building and liked the foundation. Then we just did a tailspin and skip to the end and I feel like I was stuck in the really like stage while everyone else reached love.

However, regardless of my feelings for Dank and Pagan's relationship, his lyrics are really good. They are deep and soulful. They say what he isn't able to say, and it is in those moments that I feel like I can see within him to find the love and connection that he has with Pagan. I just wish we could do it more often. Afterall, those are the times I connect with the male lead.

This novel was filled with potential, but I think it dragged on until it realized it needed to end and then it was just abruptly dropped on our laps with so many questions and possible outcomes. Honestly, I feel kind of short changed. I understood everything I read, even the climax and ending. But I feel like something is missing. Messing around with gods shouldn't be this easy and drama free, even if you are Death himself.

Sometimes, it's like they didn't even leave high school. I expected growth from the characters, and we basically stayed the same but with a game of Russian Roulette of the hearts and minds.

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