Thursday, 15 August 2013

Undressed By Avery Aster

I initially started reading this book because I wanted to read book 2 in the series, and I figure I should start with the first one to get a feel of what this series is like, and what I would be getting myself into and if I would even like the writing style, as the synopsis was not my usual reads.

Now ... if you are not at all into fashion or high society and don't have an open mind to it all, then don't read this one! Because those are very necessary traits. This story is heavily laced with fashion, high society, artificial drama, threesomes and every imaginable sexual sin and situations. This is a book about perception and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I swear there is barely and unsuccessful person in this series. Even the butlers seem to be doing well off.

Regardless of me being lost half the time, mostly to my lack of knowledge when it comes to fashion, or at least fashion week fashion, and the ridiculously short time line of this all, I enjoyed parts of this novel and my interest whilst not piqued frequently, was kept.

There comes a point when we want bold characters who know what they want and don't turn to putty by a look or touch, and this is what I got and admired from 'Undressed'. We know they like each other, but business was given equal attention, and no Mills & Boons looks, or reactions were presented. It was all high class and all fierce. There was no raw, primal male testosterone throwing down for the simplest of looks. It was refine and every thing you expect in a Prince. If anything, Avery Aster stayed true to her characters. We were always in high class Manhattan and Italy and it showed throughout.

I liked the touch of Italian throughout and the characters were easy to like and get along with. In actuality, there were only two catty wenches and they were criminals so they hardly count. The cast was all good people with very open sexuality!

Still, I must say that when I began this story, I was annoyed with the fact that a character layout was given. I would prefer to figure these things out myself and learn as I go along, as that adds to the suspense of it all. To tell me what to expect, and who was who before I met them, took away from the anxiety of finding out these things an being in the emotions with the characters. Honestly, it was so much a fairy tale, that it bordered on unbelievable.

Masi is a different kind of guy. I respect him, but I don't know if I would swoon over him, hung or not. I gotta say he is sexy and has style with it, but I just don't feel that Masi love. Still, it's not that I dislike the character, but I just really never connected with him or any of them for that matter. Maybe it was the full layout at the beginning of the novel or the time span with which this story took place, but the potential dwindled and the fire barely got started.

Honestly, their business banter was sexier and more believable than their personal life. I got hot and bothered when they spoke business than when they tried sex.

I found myself lost a couple times also, that never related to the fashion of it all. The fight scene, as well as his confession at the end, was so rushed and jumbled that I was re-reading trying to get it all together but that still didn't work so I just threw in my chips and call it a game!

I like Lex. I actually prefer her POV to Masi's, even though the duality of it all did help occasionally. I think she is the one character we really got into, but it was still brushing the surface and most of the other characters pale, until I forgot them all together. Actually, her friends were thrown in when needed and we never saw them all together until the end. Once again, it might be the time frame, but character structure and development was weak. I get that we got a layout in the beginning. But where incorporating them into the story is concerned, that wasn't done very well.

Regardless of the start, time frame and lack of character development I was still interested in this novel, if not for their business transactions, and find that this novel fits a person who likes high society, fashion and hot Italian sex all wrapped in one.

While not a bad story, this one wasn't for me. Hopefully book 2 will give me something to rave about though, as I like her brazen characters, and their take charge attitude. It is a welcome change from they shy virgins and street thugs, and the main thing that might keep me coming for more of this series.


  1. Honey! Stop. Don't read book two. Move on to an author who will wet your pussy cause its clearly not me. Do us both a favor and delete my fashion dirty soap opera from your kindle.

    1. You asked me for a honest review, and I read the first book in the series and gave you just that. I wasn't looking to get my panty wet as I have now nor ever needed a book to do that. I just wanted a good read. I am not the only one who gave you 2 stars (because my review isn't even bad, mostly just the rating), so I am not sure why I was singled out, but ok whatever, it's not like it matters.

      I gave my opinion on your first book and probably will on the second because I already started reading it. You are gonna get bad reviews/ratings Ms. Aster, deal with it, because I am not your enemy nor have any aspirations to become one. Honestly, I don't even care much for your stories or cover and probably would not have picked up the first book if I wasn't asked by you to read the second.

      Sorry if my review/rating wasn't tp your liking but I didn't write the book and what I read is what I relayed. Good luck with the rest of your series!