Friday, 2 August 2013

Damaged 2 By H.M. Ward

Loved this installment! I'd say it was better than the last. Much better. There was no unnecessary conversations and I didn't even realize we were at the end of the story the way I was so interested and caught up in it all. It might not have had the ridiculously funny opening scene of 'Damaged', but it was good enough and eventually picked up into the series we love so much.

The addition of the other Ferro brothers, added to this great story, and now I have figured out what series I will be reading next because I want me some more Sean Ferro and can't wait for the release of Johnathan Ferro's story.

The funny thing is, these stories are about the Ferro brothers, but the stories seem to be taken from the female's POVs. I love that switch and air of creativity as we delve into these utterly complicated relationships.

I always loved Sydney and Peter's relationship, but I love them even more on this semi road trip. We got to learn about both characters and the banters and laughs continued through this installment. There was never a dull moment and Sydney's almost lack of filter and compulsive need to speak her mind however rude was enlightening and just plain hilarious! I loved her and Avery together and can't wait to begin reading the arrangement to fall in love with Avery's character.

I liked Millie's role in this novel, however small it was once again. She really is a good friend and even her blatant betrayal was sweet. I swear, Millie is just an all around sweet girl! We also got a little of her past and I must say that everyone in this book seems damaged in their own way. Still, I would definitely read more about this eclectic and complicated group of characters.

Peter was ... different. He was definitely not the Dr. Granz that we were originally introduced to in 'Damaged'. He had more layers and never just seemed like a damaged soul with nightmares galore. Still, the taking of his dead fiance's name is creepy and I say "no bueno!" to marrying a man and adopting his ex-fiance's last name. He would have to change it! Some things are just ... not romantic at all, but more creepy and totally DAMAGED!

Still, I loved the hurdles they conquered together and that we got to bare witness to them breaking down these barriers. Even if it was interrupted by Sean shortly after. Their first fight seemed ridiculously blown out of proportion but I love the way it was handled as they both rightfully had reasons to be upset and how they made that turn into the wonderful couple that I always loved.

Meeting both characters families was interesting, especially the Ferro bunch and I really hope between these three set of series we get more, because however dysfunctional, they make for great reading material! Unconventional not even comes close to describing this family. The sons are literally running away from their inheritances and the females in their life is just ... let's say special!

Sydney's family was more down to earth than I expected and I am sorry that we never got to meet her mother before this. I would have loved to see a reunion with this family as Dean took so much from them and everyone needs a little redemption.

Johnathan is ... lovely and I can't wait to start his series. He seems capable of giving us a great book that will keep us wanting more.

Overall, this novel got more into the past and strengthen those relationships that needed it and created new ones that gave us something to look forward to. I laughed, cried and laugh some more. It was quite a ride even before the addition of Mr. Turkey and I loved the whimsical feel we got between all the drama and problems. It was a great story with so much potential on the horizon if another book is to be added to this series. I loved every page and can't wait to read more about the Ferro's.

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