Saturday, 24 August 2013

Acting on Temptation By S.M. Donaldson

I have tried with this series. Honestly, I have. But how do you consistently write crappy?! I would assume that having written one, you would be better by the second book. I was contemplating reading another book by this author, that's not in this series, to see if it's the series, or the writing style, and I don't know if I can really do it.

The conversations don't flow. The emotions are unconvincing and leave me rolling my eyes whenever they opent heir mouth. The entire, and I do mean the entire, cast talks and occasionally behave like 14 year old girls sharing gossip with their BFFs. Not one of them has reach legal drinking age in the US, but by the end of this book, they are popping out babies and getting married. Like seriously, how can you be 11 weeks pregnant and not have some hint? ... super birth control I believe o.O

If anyone, and I mean anyone slapped anyone in this novel again, I might have to slap myself! I never knew it was possible to be passively violent ... yup! Just made that one up! Everyone kept getting in a punch, thump or slam somewhere within this novel. I swear Skylar has zero brain cells and pride left. I don't think I have ever read a book where a character gets beat as much as him.

The chemistry between the characters as a group is lacking, and the conversations had me rolling my eyes at their stiffness, and unconvincing nature. Add all the extra unnecessary convo scenes, with a little death here and the breaking of a solid relationship, to make way for a third book, and you have the summary for 'Acting on Temptation'.

I still don't know what the temptation was, and after a couple of chapters, this book strayed from Anna and Russ to ... well, everyone. There was so much going on in this novel, especially as we got to the end. It became a scramble for a climax and build up to a book 3 in one. I still don't know what happened with Daria and Cade and while my interest is piqued, I don't know right now if I will stay around to catch that one, because this series seems to be getting more and more annoying as we go.

While I didn't mind the characters before, I found myself not believing their emotions or declarations. It was all too fast, cheesy and done in poor taste. This was a very unimaginative story. Don't give me 2% worth of angst in the end and expect me to be grateful. To make matters worse, this story shouldn't have as many grammatical errors as it did, seeing as how much time obviously wasn't spent on a story line.

There were instances were POVs were mistaken and pronouns were therefore mixed up and I had to skip back to the beginning of the chapter to check who was narrating.

I believe that the female characters in this book, are borderline schizophrenic, if not having a slight touch of Tourettes. They charged like bulls in the blink of an eye, and everyone kept slapping each other like a bad porno. If Anna was so tough and slapping around everybody, why was she Jack's punching bag? ... idk Anna, pick a side. Your either bad or your not. You decide.

Russ, I don't know you. I don't know what your initial problem was, what changed your mind, and honestly, I loved him better in book 1 than in his own book. He was unbelievable (not in the good way), and he lost that all knowing trait and straight forwardness that he brought to the first book.

Once again, a death was thrown in the end, and I believe we are continuing on the same path, down the same road, with the same characters, with no where in sight. What's the point of all these deaths, beatings and arguments? Is it really necessary? I think not. Build a story already and stop with the slapping and slandering like ya'll are 12.

Why even break up a solid relationship? Then again, how solid can it be if that's what breaks them up? ... Guess they aren't a no matter what kind of couple.

Honestly, this book focused on everyone around Russ and Anna more than it did them. I'll give them the first time they messed around because, I'll admit it wasn't too bad of a sex scene, but after that, it was all pretty basic and boring and I kept counting down the percentages to the end. At 10% I was weary.

This book went on and on, with no where in sight, and when we realize this, someone dies, a couple break up and we are left waiting on book 3. I think I'll pass because I am over this series and it seems to be tanking by the installment. Good luck with the rest of this series but I can't do this to myself anymore.

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