Friday, 30 August 2013

Predestined By Abbi Glines

Ask and you shall receive! Even though it didn't live up to my expectations, I did in fact get a dual POV for this installment. But even though I got one of my wishes from Book 1, in the form of a dual POV, and while some of my expectations were covered, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be! Dank seemed uber serious all the time around Pagan if you ask me. I wanted more of the fun, jovial guy from Abbi's mini prequel. The scene was literally like 5 minutes if even so much but it held more in my mind than this entire novel.

Despite his cowardice, and true form, I still love Lief, and I really hope he can find his Princess. There is something about his character where even though I know he is suppose to be bad, I can't make my mind feel it. I believe his love for Pagan, but the boy really needs to grow a spine or two! I love his love for Pagan, and understand, as well as, feel it more than what she has with Dank. (Totally in love with his full name btw ... Dankmar :D

Pagan is quite the soul and body if you ask me. Selfish she is not. She seems to be the perpetual sacrificial lamb in this series. It seems from the day she arrived, she was really predestined for the life of the supernatural. She fits right in and seem to have a power over death that I can't understand.

I had expected a deeper view into all that is supernatural, and while we did get more in depth than before, it still all felt flat to me. It's still a tween drama, and I think this book lags because of the side it's chosen.
Though, I must say, despite this book showing characters who are walking in the light, as oppose to trying to find the light in the dark, I respect this premise and find it a harder one to write, in which Abbi has succeeded.

It would be so easy to write a dark story, and try to redeem the condemned, but another route was taken that helps us to understand that you can have pure love in the light, even with death and without turning into an immortal. This story aims for a balance between the living and the dead. Whilst very rare, their paths cross and it makes for interesting conversation and reactions when this happen.

While I got more Gee, she lost some of her appeal from Book 1. I still love her, but she wasn't as fiery as before. She was still crazy cool, but  a lot more tame.

Even with the addition of Dank' s POV, I still don't connect with him like I would like to. Something keeps me from feeling with him like I should. Maybe it's him being death and all, I'm really not sure. Don't get me wrong, I like his character, but I still love Lief more. I really can't explain it!

We solved a lot of questions form book 1, but we also lost a lovely soul. We were also awarded the return of said soul, even if it's in a new life. The re-entry of Jay Potts is an interesting one that I believe is shaping us up for the personal battles of book 3. I see this series getting a new direction and I can't wait to see the outcome. Maybe I will fell Dank then ... who knows!

While this novel wasn't what I expected, it was a good read, even if the climax was a little cheesy and flat for me. I surely expected more of a fight on Leif's part. Got to say he let me down there. Still, I enjoyed going into all the world's and following death as he did his job. It was entertaining, well written, researched and composed. I always appreciate a good piece of literature and I got that from this installment.

I can't wait to start Lief to see what the dark Prince is up to!

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