Saturday, 10 August 2013

Pulse By Gail McHugh

Once again ... too long, but boy if I wasn't skipping pages while at the end of my seat. Honestly, I was about to go to the end of this book half way in  to find out what happens because I was very much on edge! (Everyone likes a good, healthy relationship struggle)

I can say with certainty that this was a much better installment that will leave you with heart palpitations and that's from experience! At one point my heart was racing with what could be on the next page and what was currently happening.

However, for some unknown reason to myself, we were bombarded with 3 filler chapters and a epilogue that kind of killed that anxious vibe that was coursing through once again, it totally dropped me from my high that I believe should have ended this novel. Once again also, the end of this novel was the best of it all. I have to say, Gail McHugh knows how to start and carry along drama with just the right pull and push.

So it's official, Dillon proved his evil side, even though I still believe it's more from hurt and betrayal than anything else. Afterall, he was blindsided! He finally did as I predicted from book 1 and got physically abusive which I am definitely not a fan of nor condone. Drunk is one thing, sober ... no bueno! People have died for less -_-

Once again, Gavin was handed the short end of the stick and he had to trod through hell with Emily but by God the man gives new meaning to the word swoon worthy, because with all the drama going on, I swear he kept us all grounded. We all should have Gavin Blake's in our lives and make a green mini van full of blue-eyed heart breakers ... tell me where to sign up!!! :)

Emily, Emily ... if anyone deserves their HEA is you and Gavin. The consolation prize for the emotional ringer of book 1 was certainly a good one, as you could not have received a better partner for the ride! I am going to admit that I have never really sympathized with Emily's the character, but shockingly I think that was due to the knowledge of how she felt mentally with regards to Dillon, and knowing that Gavin would catch her when she fell ... if your talking about romance novel story type love, then you speak of Gavin Blake, Emily Cooper and their twenty questions filled relationship.

While the dialogues barely improved in this one and a lot of unnecessary scenes and conversations still lingered, there were a few in depth scenes that were done really well and deserve their props. Namely, Emily's dream and *spoiler alert* child birth. They were both great in depth scenes with an air of realism to it all. We went through it all with her, from the first contraction to the baby's first cry. I have to say though, I would have liked to attend a wedding in this book, because Gavin deserved HEAs galore and for them to be noted.

The gang was back, and I love the honesty and fairness behind both Fallon and Olivia. Now those are friends to have! They weren't afraid of confrontation and speaking their mind, even if it meant hurting Emily/Gavin feelings.

Believe me when I say, that their are elements galore in this novel for you to peel back and explore, and even though I believed that a lot of scenes could be chopped from this novel, it had me in a way that very few novels hold me when it came down to the by product of this triangle even after it ended.

We were kept on edge and held with just the right amount of rope. The story line was one many people could relate. We were comfortable with the characters, and even the microscopic details that were relayed. Some helped that they add a sense of realism within the fairy tale of it all (e.g Lillian's reaction to the news). It definitely wasn't always rainbow and sunshine.

The sex scenes also didn't improve much but I stayed awake this time :)
I have to say that if you can get over the length, cliches and winded scene and chapters, you will get to the gem stone moments of this novel.

P.S. To the lovely lady who thought up that dream scene ... brilliant idea! Heart haven't beaten that fast in a while. Thanks for letting me know the ticker still works :)

P.S.S. ... great preview story at the end! :D

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