Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wethering the Storm By Samantha Towle

So, what better song to write this review to than Ou est le Swimming Pool's 'You Started' ?

I don't know about anyone else but I know that the thing that drew me to liking this series originally, was not even Jake Wethers or Tru Bennett, and was definitely the musical nuggets I stumbled upon, as well as rekindled my love affair with. I have always associated songs with this series, especially 'Mr. Brightside' by the Killers and 'Don't Speak' by No Doubt. If this series was a movie, it would have a killer soundtrack!!

I initially wasn't sure if it was sheer coincidence, or if there was a link between the release date of this book, and the death of Charlie from the group that sings Tru n Jake's song, which is now my ringtone-to-be as soon as I am finish writing this :) If so, I thought it morbid and deep! If not, then wow that's creepy! Turns out it was creepy. Totally unrelated. But for someone looking for a deeper meaning to everything in life, this stood out for me.

I spent a good 20 minutes researching this group from a chorus and a verse, and that was at around 3% into this novel. I knew then that I would love this installment more than I did the last.

Whether it was being familiar with the characters, or watching the promotions of the launch, or maybe it is just the development. But I can truly say that this was a much better read than 'The Mighty Storm'. I love development within a story, especially a trilogy, and we surely got that and more. We weren't travelling the same path as before, hell, we weren't even in the same countries or locations!

A dual POV also really helped to boost this novel. I wish it could have been even, but Jake being a busy man and Trudy being a busy body, maybe the chapters worked out for the best.

I stated a lack of interaction with the minor characters from 'The Mighty Storm' and it's safe to say we got interaction like never before. Everyone was apart of this installment, and Tru's inner ramblings was much funnier this go. We even ended with a full update. No one was left out, not even Will.
Also, we were lined up for Tom's book and I say, Bring it on! Tom is comedy. Honestly, why didn't we interact with him this much before? He is awesomeness personified!!!

I know I loved Jake from he sung 'Mr. Brightside' in book 1, but I am gonna chalk that up to music appreciation because without singing a bar, I fell even more in love with this guy after one very important scene.

I swear to God after that scene when they have just moved in to their new home, and Tru goes downstairs for dinner, I just called dibs on Jake, and asked whose Kellan Kyle and Gavin Blake o.O ???? (sorry S.C. Stephens and Gail McHugh, he took the dreamy points there!)
No guy is that thoughtful, or more swoon worthy in that moment! I'd take him without the bow and call it even :)

There was depth, comedy, action, anticipation, anxiety attacks for yours truly, and those moments while we waited with Jake for Tru were very much filled with anxiety in my mind. While I was optimistic, I got to say that I had a few what ifs, because authors can be cruel (No offence Sam), and that was a very graphic description of Tru in those moments, than we've ever gotten from this series. Ain't gonna lie .. shed a tear there for a minute. Kept hearing Ou est le Swimming Pool while we waited. (Side Note: I swear this band name is ridiculously long and awesome!)

There were such memorable moments throughout this novel, from both past and present. We built memories and even rules with these characters that could be translated into our everyday lives. Never let someone you love leave your sight without telling them that you love them because you honestly don't know if an hour later you will get the chance. Also, try to make your house a happy place and find a spot to air your drama outside the walls of your house and from prying eyes and ears. Might be a little harder to do that last bit, but those are two lessons I learned and will carry around from this novel.

I could go on and on about this novel, but you can't truly experience it until you have read it. I suggest reading 'The Mighty Storm' first, but this book could also be a psuedo-standalone if you don't mind not experiencing past moments from book 1. They are regaled in this installment. But some like it more intimate.

There was growth, direction, love, friendship and issues that hit home for more than just the characters. There was laughter, celebration and strength within this group. There was also great music, and the story was such a good one that we didn't even need the sex scenes ... let's call them added bonuses. I have to say they weren't as passionate as in book 1, but Tru and Jake aren't reuniting, they are joined and if a little Spanish gets the off, then have at it :D

There are novels that make you unable to shut up about them because they are either really good or really bad. I don't even need to tell you, but this one was really _________

P.S: View The Storm series playlist here: ... I guarantee you some good music!!!

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