Monday, 12 August 2013

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: V5 By Latrivia Nelson

What can I say, other than I would love some more of this story! I definitely wasn't ready for it to end as yet. So many seeds were planted and now we just have to sit and wait to see what has become of them. I must however say that every time I read one of the chronicles I am compelled to re-read the Medlov Crime Family series.

There was just the right balance and history that we have come to expect from Ms. Nelson and her characters. Her writing is superb and her characters are lovable regardless of their day and night jobs.

We continue to get updates on the present day Medlov family and get to dive into the past before Royal was in the picture, and situations that lead to present day Prague, as well as instances that are similar to the present day with a tad of unknowing prediction as to some characters fates.

I like Arie, and I'm sad to know that she became a victim of the Medlov men. She seems like a great character to have around, especially due to her willingness to please and her occasional loyalty. The girl just wants to be loved if you ask me :)

And the devious creature that is Ivan returns. Ivan is one of those characters that I know is bad and would probably kill me just for breathing, but there is still something about him that I like. With the right allegiances and if he didn't have an undying love for money, he would be the best person to have on your team if he wasn't plotting to over throw you or kill you for once again ... money. I don't think the man knows what the word betrayal means, or maybe he just doesn't care.

That proposal, wedding and wedding night scene was ... let's just say different. No matter how in love these men are, never expect conventional from them. I love that consistency better than most in this series. I can count on the raw, primal, drama filled scenes of this novel and I never get bored!

Dmitry is slowly becoming the man we meet in Dmitry's Closet and I like how we get to see him transform from a prison escapee to the refined gentleman and underground boss that he is today. He has taken London, Prague and even Angola by storm. I just love being in his presence and to see him and Davyd formulate and execute a plan.

I like Elsa, honestly, if I wasn't sure who he ended up with I would have picked her. She actually has alot of Royal's traits except that she carries a vengeance like no other and I can imagine that it is not only bad for business, but might just be her downfall. I love her any way and can't wait to see what happens with her plans.

There is not much to say about this volume and that speaks nothing of the writing or story line. It's just so good that you don't wanna talk, you just wanna read. There is a level of excellence with this story and Latrivia Nelson seems to deliver that and more with each volume that we cross. Honestly, I can't get enough and I don't want this ride to stop. As long as it's within a relative time frame, I say keep dropping those volumes! H.M. Ward should take notes for 'The Arrangement'.

The vodka kept flowing, bodies kept dropping as the Medlov men build their names and empire. We are getting further into the men that are Dmitry and Ivan Medlov, and their lives, as it leads to all that they have currently acquired and legacies left behind. I can't wait to go further and to meet Anatoly all over again. This series always make it worth the wait!

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