Saturday, 24 August 2013

Fixed on You By Laurelin Paige

Let me start off by saying that I originally chose this book because ... c'mon ... we all wanna know what it's like for the crazy obsessive women in the books we read. The ones that are dangerously clingy, borderline crazy. We hardly feel sorry for them, and most times they don't end up getting the guy, because they are either catty ... or just plain crazy. Well, Laynie is neither. She is her own special brand of crazy obsessive cocktail, but unfortunately, yes unfortunately, we never got to see her in action. This book was a half and half. We got the inner ramblings of an obsessively clingy female, we even got prognosis and diagnosis of her condition, but no action. The one inclination we got was rather tame, and I believe with a few obsessive tendencies, this book could have been better. I get that she's healing, but sometimes seeing is believing!

I was looking forward to some serious stalking, to see how far this chick would really go and I must say I am a tad disappointed, that while we got the idea, we never actually did anything that a regular female in a relationship or love would do, or think. In actuality, she was more composed than some, that I garner to be from her overly obsessing about not overly obsessing. (If that even makes sense ...)

Lack of severe obsession aside, I liked Alayna's character. She was composed, raunchy when necessary and really to the point. I was surprised when she first met Hudson's mother, as that conversation definitely raised my eyebrows to the center of my head. Still, I feel that her, along with the characters of Hudson and Sophia were being held back. I expected a certain force and power behind these character based on what they stand for, but I felt like they weren't used to their full potential. Unleash the beasts and I guarantee perfection where this story is concerned.

I diagnosed Hudson before we really got to know his "secret".(Yup, it's in quotation for a reason ... simply, I don't believe it). Even though you could see he had some issues at the beginning of this novel, I never expected it to be what was revealed, and honestly, I am neither impressed nor swayed. He is a mama's boy who is secretly seeking his mother's approval in his personal life and is so brain washed for such a successful business man that I wonder how he ever made it without her holding his hands.

I could be wrong, but I got none of the hinted traits or concerns that everyone had in this book for him. I just felt that if he cared less what his mother thinks, he might be able to have healthy, normal relationships. Also, that pseudo-martyr act in relation to Celia, was unnecessary and annoying. I wanna smack him and tell him to grow some balls and stand up to your mother! The whole lot of you actually!

The ending of this novel, provides a certain level of closure for you to disregard the cliffhanger notion of it all. You are left with wanting to see the reactions as to Alayna and Hudson's decision, as oppose to needing an update as to the other characters and unresolved situations. Maybe they both are addicts, because it was certainly all about them!

However, there is still much to clear up, and drama lurking around the corner, because there seems to be more people against this union than there are rooting for it. Still, I love how regardless of the critics, these two latch on to each other to make it in a world that view them as crazy or sick.

The charades were entertaining when in full force, but other than that, this was  a very laid back novel that had me confused half the time, as I am not certain as to where we are really going or the aim of it all. I must say though, that having Hudson's POV might help to garner more interest or intrigue into this series as I would love a look into both of their minds, as they wrestle with their addictions and shortcomings.

Irrespective of the rather saucy cover, the sex scenes are mild and we focus more on the underlying story, than the sexual passion. I could totally see these two as a couple, and love when they are together, because their honesty is unrivaled, but their sex scenes are pretty basic, except for when real emotions come into play and then he's just pounding into her like crazy! ;)

This story is more than obsession though. A big theme throughout for the main characters is acceptance. They are both trying to be accepted into the world that they live, and I think they can, have and will find it in each other.

Whilst not action packed and full on crazy like I had expected or hoped, this is a comfort novel that I hope will push all the right buttons in book 2 and 3 to bring us that amazing story lurking in there, and to see Laynie and H get their time in the sun.

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