Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden By Jessica Sorensen

I always love a story with a good message, and this story delivered just that. It was like a small modern day Breakfast Club. I kept picturing the four of them in the cab of Luke's truck and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else either. There is more love in that truck cab than anywhere else in that novel.

The gang was all back and a tight knit crew they were. Seth for the dramatics and spontaneity, Luke for the brooding mystery, Kayden the martyr and Callie with her quirky ways. There is something to Callie's unawareness that has always set this book apart because even though it seems strange, it also feel real as if to say this is who she is. You never expect her reactions and actions and while you understand the character of Callie, you can still count on her to floor you with what comes out of her mouth.

I think that all the characters got their day in the sun in this one, and we found out even more tidbits, as well as, slide a lot of things into place. Honestly, when this ended, it felt more like a see you later than a good bye. I expect some Kayden & Callie time or cameos in Luke and Violet's story that's next in line ... who knows, Ella and Micha got a forever, maybe Callie and Kayden can too ... holding my breath for that one Jess :)

Kayden annoyed me a lot in this novel. Callie was trying so hard to get through to him and he was like a steel enforced wall. Sometimes I just wanted to give up on him. Callie seems to have the patience of a saint because she pulls them both through this like a champ and I loved to finally see them stand on their own two feet. Even with a little assistance from the other.

Even Seth got his time, and it's good to finally hear him voice some of his insecurities, and to see Callie of all people, crawl from her shell to not only help him, but Luke and Kayden.
I loved how we were eased into Luke as a major character, to prepare us for his story that's next in the series. While not a total happy ending, at least it wasn't anxiety filled like book 1 and left you with more hope than before in this series.

I must note that while their is no hardcore sex scenes in this novel, they were passionate and filled with purpose. It wasn't crazy all around sexing, and it was done within good time frames and with just the right amount of length and emotion if not in depth description. I loved their connection and banter, especially with Callie's mom on the phone ;)

There seems to be an air of incomplete within this installment, as I have a lot of questions as it relates to both Callie and Kayden's life separately. The ending left a few questions that I assume or at least hope will be answered within the next installment.

Overall though, this was a story filled with scenarios for more than one person at a time, and it was relayed beautifully with a fun, quirky set of characters, who makes me crave pancakes all day and leave me wanting to make pseudo bucket list of things to make life easier. It was inspirational, because it covered so many sensitive subject areas, and it was different to see the male character in a tighter jam than the female. You could not have pit together a better group of people and turn them into friends. They understood each other, and in turn we understood them.

The conversations were good, even the awkward silent moments, and the banters hilarious and even serious moments ran deeper than I could expect. I loved to see the ties severed and the bridges gap. It left many what ifs and what now, but I have the utmost faith in this series, because there is always something unexpected or quirky going on when you are around Callie, Kayden, Seth and Luke. This story became more than redemption for Callie and Kayden and formed a lifetime bond that I will always love and adore about these group of characters, as I see this book as more than Callie and Kayden's story, as everyone was involved and added to the greatness that was this novel.

I can't wait to get Luke's story and I hope it's everything I want it to be and more. I love you too Kayden :D

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