Thursday, 1 August 2013

Carmen's New York Climax By Nikki Sex

Sex galore! But then, that's what it promised. If you are looking for a love story off the bat or a heart to heart, then turn away! While there is a story within all the sexing, that I figure we will be getting into within the upcoming installments, this was plain old shagging!!

The book span a couple hours, but within those hours we a treated to a lot more background than some 300 page novel, but we are also overly saturated with sex as well as prostitution and a Dom/Sub no holds barred relationship. All they needed was their own little play room to really get it on!

I only spent a couple hours with these characters but I love them. I like Kurt's playful side and how he takes a serious situation and gives us laughter out of it. Their meeting and getting together is quite unrealistic but comical and so passionate that you forget about how long they know each other and just enjoy the unadulterated sex and tips. Believe me ... I got some tips! ;)

Carmen is a silly girl who makes me laugh out of control with her lack of inhibition and her wanton need to please Kurt. Her way of thinking is definitely unconventional and I love the total reverse of her character as she is trying her best to play the part of someone she's not. The Latina is definitely apart of her though, even if she doesn't want to embrace it fully.

Scorching sex scenes, the making of a fun, intriguing and exciting series is a few things to sum up this novel. I can't wait to go further with these two, as I expect laughter, banter and incredibly delicious sex all over the place that span hours on end!

They might have just met, but they sure know how to get the party started! If you are a prude, turn away because 99% of this book is sex, lust and every sexual sin mixed with a little adventure and fun! It definitely promises to be a roller coaster ride!

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