Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Burn By Maya Banks

No!!! Come back! I want more!!!

I always loved Ash and I was uber glad for his book! Then again, I loved all the books in this trilogy. Might actually be the first time I wish that a trilogy wasn't that ... could take a page from the crossfire series for this one, because it's definitely worth a fourth book in comparison to the 'Bared To You' series.

Ash is the man! I gotta say that I was surprise at the intensity of Ash's character and how he dealt with his problems, both relationship and familial. He surprised me with his actions, and he seem nothing like the careless easy going guy described throughout the series so far. He was probably even more serious and intense that Gabe and Jace. He even left me feeling protected and scared at times.

I must say, based on the blurb, I expected more resistance from Josie, but she was as straightforward as Ash and her sexual preferences were extremely compatible to that of his. However, this surprisingly made their bedroom antics not as exciting as I would have thought. There was hardly any anticipation and this kind of helped me to realize why these dominant's usually like inexperienced females, because they sure create a sense of anxiety and excitement to it all. I guess it's safe to say that Jace still holds the title with best sex in a trilogy :)

I found that this installment focused more on Ash getting his footing with his now taken friends and Josie building a life after all the hands that she was dealt. Or at least I think that's what she wanted, I'm not too sure. I know she wanted to be an independent submissive (contradiction of the year!), but otherwise, she was pretty easy going and just went through the motions of pleasing Ash. Sex was mostly a background noise, not that it wasn't good, but it lacked that intensity and level of bedroom scenes that we usually get from this series. I guess with Ash's sole focus on sex throughout, he was painted in a more committed light for this installment, so as to give sex a back seat. Josie's submission was so easy that you weren't really sure what to look forward to next. Still, even not being sure what my focus was suppose to be, I was never bored or deterred. I loved every minute of it and kept checking to ensure that I wasn't close to the end. When I did get there though, I wanted to go back to chapter 1.

There was a lot of interaction and conversations between the characters and none were unnecessary or boring. I loved the banter between all the characters and the continued tradition of Girls's Nigh Out, as well as, the incorporation of all the minor characters, even Caro, Chesy, Gina and Trish. No one was left out and it was all comfortable and familiar with progression all around. I gotta say, I miss the gang and could surely read another book in this series ... even a novella :)

I was surprised and sad that we never got to partake in Mia and Gabe's wedding, but it also excluded the cliche of having Josie as a wedding date and the usual hoorah of couples getting married in a novel. It was done so as to not miss a step. It didn't bother me that much when I turned the page, as Josie and Ash kept me plenty occupied.

Ash made me feel like I wanted to be a submissive and boy did I want my own collar! Even though their sex scenes didn't draw the passion I expected, I still enjoyed this novel and the main characters, but more so as a couple than lovers. Even with it's fast paced vibe, and either overly excessive or under dramatic flair, I was interested from the first to the last page.

I gotta say though, Josie was like a beating stick in this book. The girl kept on getting beat, literally! Like ... really Maya? Give the chick a break! I must say I was worried for her the second time because I sort of felt like she was going to die.

Great story, fun characters, comfortable conversations, laughs all around, sex with kink, intensity and Ash ... who could ask for more? :)

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