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The Arrangement 1 - 9 By H.M. Ward

The Arrangement #1

The series seems fairly good so far. I love the development between Avery and Sean and even though I would love more Sean time, maybe even to delve a little bit more into his mind, the story is comfortable so far and hold promise.

Avery is just as I expected, witty, sarcastic and totally loveable. She has flair, passion and obviously determination.

Mel seems like the sassy best friend we all love. She matches Avery' s personality to a T! We have yet to really meet Amber but the chick gets on my nerves already!

This is a short novel and we are in the beginning of Sean and Avery' s story but this story is oozing potential and adventure. I can't wait to get further into this story and see as Sean and Avery build this relationship.

Filled with comedy, intrigue and just the right amount of sexual energy, I am in love with this series so far and can't wait to dive in further. Mystery lurks, and this is Sean Ferro in a different light!! Loving him even more!! :)

The Arrangement #2

Wtf kind of ending was that?! This series is gonna give me heart palpitations!!

Regardless of the messed up relationship that is Avery and Sean, I still love them together and really hope it doesn't take the length of 20 or so volumes to get these two together ... with a little help from 'Cupid'

Mel is back, and Marty is given more exposure as a character. I can totally see him fitting in with this dynamic duo. He is funny, down to earth and a bag of laughs all around!

Even Amanda got her preview and it is confirmed, the girl is a major wench with issues for miles!  However, the king of issues was back and he once again exited this novel trying to get on my bad list!

However severe or dangerous the line of work that Avery partakes in, she still possess that Avery flair and sometimes she shock me, as she doesn't seem like the same confident woman from 'Damaged'. Time is a hell of a thing, because while I loved both aspects of Avery, I can't wait to continue and see what's in the future for these two emotionally damaged characters!

The Arrangement #3

Avery is one of the worse call girls ever! She is too emotional for her line of work, and Sean is harboring so much till it's bordering on annoying. This is made worse because we are not too sure as to his triggers.

I already got a feel of what I would be in for, and accepted really short stories, but why not write a full novel, or better yet, take us further than a week. I keep waiting for a breakthrough but I am stuck in this week, literally going day by day with Avery. Not that I mind, but I am over the brooding. Give Avery some experience and give Sean something other than despair.

I love the playful banter between Avery and Sean, and I love that we are gradually getting a look into both of their past, even if we are moving a tad slow.

Marty and Mel are still present and being themselves, and even Amanda's character is getting more in depth, even if it's nothing that we don't already know. Still, development is always good.

I am still interested in this story, but I do hope that future installments take us out of the hot and cold and give us some more until Sean and Avery figures it all out.

It's time to go to that next level and I hope we are in for just that!

The Arrangement #4

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just want her to become a real hooker and get her footing before she deals with the stress that is Sean.

Avery seems to be unable to catch a break. I just want her to have 1 good arrangement and start making some money. After all, she took the job so she could study more and make some more money with better hours.

I am not too sure as to Marty's strangeness half way through this book, but it's more a passing thought than a never ending itch.

Mel wasn't as dominant in this installment and honestly, this one seemed more like a chapter. Not much happens and because of the knowledge of books to come we already know Sean isn't dead. However, I can't wait to see what the morning brings. I am kind of crossing my finger for some Ferro drama, but knowing Sean, that might be out of the question.

Still looking for that element as we climb. It's a comfortable story right now. I only hope it gets better, because the hot/cold can get monotonous. I want to continue to read because I want to and not just because my OCD to finish what I started kicks in. This story is getting comfortable and it needs that wow factor!

The Arrangement #5

My my, does anything normal happen in this story? There is so much betrayal, uncertainty. I don't know how she hasn't just fainted from the stress that is her life!

I love you Sean, I really do, but c'mon! There is so many other hookers out there. Why her?!

The dynamics are changing and honestly, I don't know what is going to happen. I did ask for that next element and I got it!

Right now, Amber is looking like a saint. There is so much going on in Avery' s life that even I want a break!!

I am shocked this book is as far as 9 arrangements now and that Sean is possibly in all of them. I have yet to have a good ending and I am not sure how much time has even elapsed since that first car jacking, to this major betrayal. Honestly, I don't know what was going on through their heads.

I am now under the impression that there might be no way for Avery and Sean to work. So much things are happening with them. I would have probably given up by now, but then I guess that's what real love is about.

This series is heating up, I can't wait to see where we go with this one. I really hope this last incident straightens her backbone. For such a strong girl, she is such a pushover!

The Arrangement #6

Please Holly!! Just one good and sane ending. If I didn't have up to book 9 at this point, I'd be clawing my eyes out!!!

This story takes turns and just keep pushing on the ledge of this cliff.

So many things ... sigh!! I like Marty, I really do and best believe, even if I assumed what he was hiding, I was still surprised. Maybe not as much as Avery, but still, you aren't ever sure about anything and anyone in this novel. There seems to always be something.

Surprisingly, I don't hate Ms. Black and she is partly blindsided and after all, she is a pimp. Who trusts pimps and madams? ... prostitution is illegal for a reason ... What else did they expect ... -_-

I like Gabe and I can't wait to see the impact his character will have in this series. I am also confused as to how long this series plan on continuing because we seem to be going from week to week, and while I don't mind any time spent with Avery and Sean, we still need progression and even I am getting stressed from the back and forth.

Still, I don't know if it's the length of these novellas or the great characters and story line filled with so much potential and possibilities, but I am hooked and at the edge of my seat waiting for more.

The Arrangement #7

It's official! These two are going to always have a problem, because of Avery' s stubbornness and Sean's hot and cold behavior. Also, Gabe needs to pick a side, or better yet, don't talk if he has nothing good to offer.

I am still not terrified of Ms. Black but honestly, everyone's problems can be solved if everyone didn't have an aversion to getting help. These people are intentionally creating problems for themselves.

I missed Marty in this installment. He made a huge boo boo but I do hope he can be forgiven because regardless of his initial motives, he was a good friend.

We focused more on Avery and Sean than the minor characters this turn, and Sean's secret is finally revealed. Even though I had an idea as to what it might have been, gotta say I was secretly hoping for more, or something a little more .... idk ... dark?!?! After all, I don't see how consented rape is a solution for his problems. That's even more twisted than what even happened to his wife.

I also don't see him as a martyr, and love or not that's not something you cover up from people. She was selfish and he's just plain stupid.

The ending to this installment left us anxious once more, but for readers of 'Damaged', it ends where we met Sean for the first time.

I have to say though, that while I am interested in moving on, I am not as excited. This story is getting drawn out, it's the same thing every book and a decision just need to be made already!

The Arrangement #8

Let me start off by asking ... where are we going?

I keep singing Katy Perry's song because that's how I feel. We are going in a circle and I want to get off and either move forward or backward ... idk ... but stop this merry-go-round I get sick easily!

Avery is the worse prostitute ever and I don't know if she is even able to fully be called one yet. If Ms. Black is as bad as they say she is, I would have been done with her already. Avery is too much work for that business ... I'm not an expert, but I know work when I see it!

Regardless of the continuing elusiveness of Sean and Avery having a relationship, the gangs back together ... or so I hope. Because either Marty keeps messing up, or Avery has piss poor luck! I am surprised lightening hasn't strike this girl yet the way she has no luck at all!!

It's like life keeps taunting her. Give her some rope and then wrap it and more around her neck.

I still love Sean and Avery together, because honestly, no one has been introduced to make us move pass them as a couple. But either throw in a third party or give them a future! But all this back and forth, not cute!

If you want a continuing series, then do. However, make a foundation and take it from there, but the constant digging of holes just to cover them up and start again is getting to me now. I want some semblance of a future. Either you pissing, or get off the pot!

Even being a way pass drawn out this story, I still love the characters, story line and Avery's complete lack of prostitution knowledge. It's like watching a train wreck. Either get to it or stop it. Something big needs to happen and crazy Henry isn't it. How long will this last? Because if the books are to interlace and Johnathan's novel is yet to be released, will we be up to book 30 before something happens? Sean and Avery are interesting, but not that interesting!

Have a 100 books installment if you want, but give us something different. The same thing every week is played out!

The Arrangement #9

And the bad luck of Avery Stanz continue, as well as, joining the line of irritated fans waiting for the next book in this unnecessarily long story of Avery and Sean.

Whenever this girl gets apprehensive I start to get anxious. She has the worse luck and instincts in the world. It's a wonder she survived this long.

Once again, Marty tries to not be gay and barely ends up crossing the friend line and Mel continues to be Mel. She is obviously cut out for this life!

Things are progressing, but due to the very abrupt endings and extension of this series, I try not to be excited as I have no idea as to when this will be complete. As a 1/2 hour TV series, perfect! As a book series ... irritating!!

There is no introduction of new characters and so I can't even really consider who might be messing with her this time. Part of me wants to just give up on this series.

While Henry is in the lead, I don't put it pass Amber and naked guy. I love suspense and have no problem with a little mystery, but this story as it relates to Avery and Sean's relationship, needs to move!!

How many times are we gonna go back and forth before it gets old?
I am starting to believe that if not for the abrupt endings, people would give up on this series. Nine books later, and we are no closer to a stead enough relationship between these two. I am not even saying end your cash cow for good, but give us another element relationship wise.

We are stuck in this never ending limbo and I am getting tired of it all.

Avery is not a call girl and Sean loves her regardless. Now let's build a story on that and stop trying to get her to become one and him to suppress everything. It's getting old!!!!

Overall, this story was good off the bat and held so much promise and potential. We were being thrown in an interesting story with emotionally challenged characters, but somewhere between all the volumes and indecisiveness, I am now at a point where I just want a conclusion already. Give me something other than Avery's naivety, Sean's cowardice, Marty's confusion and Mel's outlandish demeanor and attitude. Get it together already, because this series is long over due for a conclusion. Fresh material is reaching and the old ones are just that ... old!

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