Thursday, 22 August 2013

Into the Deep By Samantha Young

Dear Lord what to do?!?! I am at a lost. You see the thing with this novel is, that I know who we are suppose to love, but it is written in a way that I don't know about you, but I don't want the expected character. I don't even know if that makes sense. Then again, it's 2 in the morning, and I just started reading this like 8 pm yesterday.

I love Charley's character. She is like a mini Nancy Drew and Nikita mixed in one. She has it all. She is what you call a unique gem within the female population. Her wit, banters, and that's with everyone, and her all around presence can account for everyone wanting to be with this girl. I'd want her too, and it's definitely not the sex, because we had like literally two fully explained sex scenes, but it's her personality and demeanor. Even the people who should hate her the most can't.

Jake. I have developed a serious love/hate relationship with this character and I don't know how to fix this. I am as torn as Charley, and believe me, this book will leave you torn and unsure as to whose side to pick.

Ms. Young has a gift of mixing past and present situations, as I saw in 'Until Fountain Bridge' ... which I still believe is the best installment in the 'On Dublin Street' series ... and as such, it has confused me immensely. I love past Jake. From their first meeting and the shared moments in between. I even wanted to slap him for the things he said when he broke up with her, an for the fact he even did. They were solid and far passed 16 year olds.

But then, we are thrown into a totally different country four years later, and introduced to the hotness that is Lowe. I gotta say, I am not so sure. Due to their past, I was initially inclined to wanting a re-kindle, but then time wore on and all I could think was, I kind of like Lowe better for her. To take back Jake at all, especially without a fight, wouldn't be Charley at all. I always loved Samantha's female characters because she gives them strength like no other, even when they are kind as can be and quieter than a church mouse.

Still, it's that strength, determination and occasional indifference mixed with independence, that not only draws me to Charley's character, but gives me second thoughts about her and Jake's relationship.

Not a fan of trilogies, I will concede for this novel, because I think it needed that break/cliffhanger of sorts to recharge us, as well as, give Ms. Young some time to come good enough for all of us, readers and characters, to move pass the hurt dished out by Jake and whether we can move pass that into friendly territory. Once again, not really rooting for Jake. I don't wanna see Jake sad, but I do love Lowe and Charley together!

Speaking of the devil, Lowe adds that uncertain element to the story but I love him! He gets Charley and banters with her like no other, not even Jake in my opinion, and I believe that with Charley's lack of filter and Lowe's lack of humility they could have an explosively awesome romance. I got all this from a few banters, shared moments and one kiss. (These male characters are too good!)

Charley has a great group of friends and I loved our interaction with them all. They were unique in their own way and kept the flow going whilst adding their own drama to the pile to distract us at just the right time.

And with drama, comes Claudia and Beck (love his name!) ... they seem to take major roles in this novel, as they were the catalyst for this re-kindled romance, whilst they are unable to find their own. I could totally read a book in this series about those two.

At times, the British in Ms. Young overpowered the American slangs.  It left them all seeming more British than Americans, but that was fine, because I love culture within a novel. We certainly got that though, as we were taken on a tour around Scotland and more. Sites were mentioned that had us feeling as if we were there touring with the characters. I always appreciate new cultures, and while we never got to go in depth with European life, I loved the little nuggets we were given.

I 'd throw expectations through the window for this one, because this is some original material with a lead female character that isn't afraid of anything. She gets you going and makes you pick sides as we all try to find out what's best for Charley and how to go about getting it.

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