Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Vincent Boys By Abbi Glines

Ashton, Ashton, Ashton ... where is she from and where can we get more? I still can't believe that Abbi Glines wrote 'Breathe', because that was an awful book in comparison to all her others, or at least all the others that I have read so far which is the Sea Breeze and Fallen Series.

Ashton was normal but weird. At least her reaction in the end to the bullying was weird. For such a fiery spirit, she acted like a walk over. Kudos to Kayla though, for not being your stereotypical head cheerleader. Still, I loved her balance in handling some situations. She didn't overreact, even when necessary, and when she decided to defend herself it was good to see her in her element that we were being told about from the beginning.

This story was a comfortable one with a few issues. I loved the dynamic of Beau and Ashton, and honestly I never really felt bad for Sawyer because well ... he was hardly in the picture and I already fell in love with Beau. Even at the end of this novel, I still wasn't really a Sawyer fan, but then again ... always absent when needed the most!

There is something about Beau and Ashton as characters that seem to mesh. Together they are great, but they are just as awesome apart. They share a lot of similar personality traits and vices. I also love the opening of this book where we saw where Beau's feeling developed and little Ash's interaction with the Vincent boys.

Regardless of my love for this couple, I felt that I would have wanted more elaboration, for some what I would find, important scenes, but then I just sum it up to it being a teen novel, so the hot and heavy wouldn't be elaborated. I could have also used a little heavier drama than the bullying and bomb that was dropped at the end of this novel.

I liked Lana's visit and find that book 2 should be interesting as she is just as weird as Ashton if not more.

The stories of when they were kids, helped to build the history between the two, as well as make the transition and cheating easier to digest than just a summer fling between the towns bad boy and the pastor's daughter. I get the idea, but not so thrilled about the execution.

A lot of action was also missing from this story. Once again, I am going to sum it up to the target audience. We mostly got to see a friendship rekindled and bud into a really forbidden romance. It seemed to grow more forbidden as the chapters went on.

The claws were out but not as much as you expected in a high school novel with a cheating drama. It was done at a soft pace, and the indifference or at least the ability of the main characters to pretend to be indifferent, didn't leave much room for the anticipated drama. It was a little too controlled and grown up for my liking, especially with their age group and the premise of the story. I might not be Sawyer's biggest fan, but betrayal is betrayal, regardless of the circumstances.

While the premise has been done before, and I love the characters of Beau and Ashton (especially Ash), I felt that a little more could be done to add some spice into this story or capitalize on the drama it initiated from chapter 1. The bomb at the end was ... meh! Nice little shocker, but that's exactly what it was ... a little shocker.

I wish we had interacted with the parents more or been apart of the big reveals and confrontations. We were shaded from a lot of outside drama in this novel while we focused on getting Beau and Ashton to a better place. I'm still not sure they will ever reach there, because they crossed so many line and fences.

A safe story, but I believe it needed a little bit more life to make it one of the greats. Still, I will be moving on to book 2, because Lana fascinates me, and I would like to see how Sawyer really feels about Beau and Ash together. Maybe we might get some life in this one, because Lana is a sneaky little thing!


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