Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Clementine By R. Jean Wilson

I get the premise and I like the characters. I even love that there was no dark twisty past to the characters, or at least to Addison, because I still feel a story there where Holden is concerned. Still, it was a weak delivery that played it really safe where drama was concerned.

There was a lot, bordering on too much medical jargon, and grammatical errors, even being a debut novel. It could have still been edited properly. I always believe that there is an excuse for everything in story writing, except for editing. All it takes is reading. It's your story after all, read it a million times if that's what it takes!

This was a really safe story and as such we never really got much anxiety from this one. Addison was so insecure that it was unbelievable. I don't think I ever shared her concerns with regards to Holden only wanting to be her friend or him having a girlfriend ... c'mon Addy, no guy leaves a hospital shift to go yoga with you, no matter hoe good a friend you are!
Their major problems, (like a fundraising dinner ....) seemed very boring and not so major to me. A lot of excitement and anxiety filled moments would have pushed this novel to the next level, or maybe even some recognition of a fight from Holden whenever Addison decided to run. But it all remained extremely safe like we were afraid to start conflict for fear of Holden and Addy not being the perfect couple.

The medical jargon was quite alot. I had to read the author's bio to check if she was a doctor or in the field of medicine. I love Grey's Anatomy and I feel like this at times started to feel like a Grey's Anatomy rip off. I like research when it comes to a story line but we spent so much time at the hospital and I still don't even know what she was really doing those weeks and if I didn't already know what a physician's assistant was, I'd confuse them with a surgeon from this book. Honestly, why go to medical school if you can do this?!

However, there were moments to love in this novel. While I don't fully grasp the soul mate moments that begin most chapters, I liked the vibe it brought and the atmosphere it transcended. I'm not a sappy romantic, but even I could somewhat understand and appreciate the creativity and gesture.

Holden ... He loved Addison, is into outdoors activities and seems like a stand up guy, but a chunk of this story was spent in another state, with another set of people, and as such, I felt like we were roaming. I found it hard to get a footing on Holden's character, because I'm not too sure when we would be running or gone again. Even though we were eventually reassured that this is how we are suppose to be feeling. Due to all this change, I never really got to love Holden as a character as much as I understand the logic of them being together.

I like Addison (mostly her name), but I also respect her strength. Regardless of her insecurity issues, she is strong and determine and didn't fill this story with naivety and crying or unhealthy pining. She took control of her life and surroundings even when it was falling apart, and having Vickie as a mom really helped.

Speaking of which, it was good to also break the cliche and have a nice healthy southern family, who hasn't caused their daughter deep seeded issues by death or abuse. Even though we only get direct and constant contact with her mom, it's nice to know she has the support and they are around.

As I am always looking out for new music, I loved the playlist at the beginning of the novel, as I love some of the songs, even if I hate the way they were referenced into the novel.
Speaking of which, I love the text format, as it's a nice touch to actually have message bubbles so it seems as if you are reading it from Addy's phone. Their little notes were a cute touch also.

Addison is unable to hold a steady best friend, I feel as if Holden is hiding a secret with regards to his life before Addy, and this story needs some good drama, anxiety and editing to take it to that next level!
With such an abrupt and incomplete ending, or at least it felt that way to me, I hope if there is a second book on the horizon, it is much better and doesn't seem like a Grey's Anatomy rip off.

This story has potential and I was definitely interested to see where it would end up. Hopefully there is a continuation on the horizon, because as is, it's a little too safe for me.


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