Thursday, 29 August 2013

Existence By Abbi Glines

Let me get a couple breathes in here before I start .... Now! ... I am not one who reads supernatural stories much. I prefer to watch. E.G. City of Bones and Vampire Diaries (Vampire Diaries the TV series is better than the book in my opinion). Still, I can honestly say that apart from the Harry Potter and Twilight series, I haven't read  much paranormal.

With that being said, I might have a totally different experience and appreciation for this novel than a para junkie. But I liked it. I didn't understand parts of it, and I left with a few questions, but I loved it from beginning to end, and if not for loosing the fight with my eyes for sleep last night, it would have been a one day read for me.

Pagan (yup! She set herself up with that name ...) is not your average girl. She ain't no Bella or Elena and I love her courage despite her fear. I also lover her honesty (except with Lief), and how she relates to situations as they come. She has been channeling sixth sense from birth, so that might help with her ability to manage the supernatural. She brings a different view to your usual paranormal female characters and even though she doesn't try to venture into the unknown, or at least not initially, I like the pace and distance that the story kept. It was balanced and followed it's own rules and pace. For that I was grateful.

I like Lief. Even though I am not sure what he is yet, and what he might turn this series into, but I know that the ending of this novel is not enough to let me question the guy that I have grown to care for. Not that I don't like Dank, but we got more touching and intimate moments with Lief and I can't let that final scene sway me from the relationship I have developed with this character.

Honestly, I get that Pagan loves Dank, but for now, I kind of love Lief :(

There is a difference with this story, that people are fighting more for the normal, and are closer to it than your usual paranormal reads. For the business that they are in, namely Dank, they sure find loop holes to stay  and interact with the living. At times I completely forgot this was a paranormal novel and felt like I was just reading about some crazy cool high school kids.

I liked Dank's character and I love Gee! I really hope we get more of her in the 2nd book. I would however, have liked to get some of this story from Dank's POV, maybe even Lief, as I I think he would add a certain element to this story if we could understand his existence and motions. I'd really love to be in his mind.

I finished this story with a lot of questions and surrounding fog. I am as confused as Pagan, and not too sure of a lot around me. Still, it wasn't done in an uncomfortable way, but in a way that has you knowing and wanting more but willing to wait on the outcomes on the horizon.

This is an extremely PG novel, so don't expect any supernatural sex or anything else of the sort. I must admit also, that I wasn't scared throughout, and I don't know if I place that on Pagan's nature to ease your mind of worries, and take you on her journey, or if it's figuring out who Dank is from early, even before Pagan, and knowing what to expect. The unexpected still had me on edge occasionally, but I found that I coasted through this novel. I think this story is a good bridge into hardcore paranormal romances.

I loved all the characters and enjoyed the pace for the first book in this series. I can't wait to go deeper and hopefully find more interesting tidbits and characters as we watch Pagan and Dank thread through the world of the living and dead. It would also be nice if Pagan got a part to play in all this other than the coveted soul of the supernatural world.

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