Friday, 30 August 2013

Leif By Abbi Glines

If it was possible to fall anymore in love with Lief, I did after reading this book. I don't know what Abbi's idea or route was, but I have grown to love this character more with each installment, and in return get more detach with the relationship between Dank and Pagan.

Still, I have a problem with this book. Whilst I didn't have a specific route for this story, I didn't expect it to keep Lief in a state of constant anguish, and to end on such a somber note. I am not sure as to Sabine's role but I am looking forward to even one book for Lief and Sabine. Give my guy some happiness Abbi! He deserves it!

Please note that if you have literally just finished reading 'Predestined', you might want to give your mind at least a couple hours ... maybe 5 or a day if you can spare, because this story is mainly a re-enactment of books 1 and 2 from Lief's POV. You will be re-reading a lot of scenes you have just previously passed and that can get infuriating waiting to see what happens after Pagan has made her decision.

Despite his calling, Lief seems like a good character through and through. At times I don't even believe that he is without a soul. He is caring, compassionate and sincere. He keeps drawing the short stick and honestly, I feel more for his character than I have for any other in this series. Imagine my disappointment with the ending :(

However, before he gets a slice of his eternal pie, the boy needs to grow a pair and then some! He is such a coward and he actually paces ... too much evil seems to make Lief good ... I'm not really sure of the dynamics o.O

All I know is, Lief is like the nerd and Dankmar the bully. Pagan is still Pagan here, because well ... this book is a re-enactment. There was no change for her, as we have already read these scenes from both her and Dankmar's POV.

It was an honor to be in the mind of Lief Montgomery (Not sure of his real last name or if he even has one). All I know is, this novel made me love and appreciate this character more, and I now hope that Pagan and Dank can go live the existence they fight so hard for, while Lief gets to find his Princess and tell his dad where to stick it! ... A girl can dream :)

This book is for die hard 'Existence' and Lief fans. It shows the real Lief and what he has struggled with for years and the outcome of it all. With such an abrupt end, I have high hopes and really hope this isn't the end of his story.

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