Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fear of Falling By S.L. Jennings

So, I spent 5 days reading this book. Which is definitely not a norm for me. I would want to blame it on work, and overall the days being too short, but I must say that some of this time frame is due to interest. I had enough to keep me around, but not enough to stop me from putting this book down a few times. I understood the message and could tolerate the characters, but honestly, it didn't capture my attention like I hoped. The first chapter hit the floor running and the momentum wasn't really sustained from there on out.

I say tolerate when it comes to the characters, but this in no way says that they were bad. They (meaning Kami) was so set in her resolve, that you just wanted to slap her silly at times! I gotta say, that when Kami commits to an emotion she isn't easily swayed. I loved that about her character. She was believable, because love didn't sway her. She was really damaged and stuck to her character, even when it infuriated us.

There was a message within this story, and for that I try to thread carefully with this review, as it is very personal and close to me. It might not have been as extreme as Kami's situation, but abuse is abuse and it affects us all at sometime.

Still, I wasn't a fan of the monotone that was portrayed throughout most of this novel. We know the message, and we understand Kami's faults, as well as Blaine's intentions. While I felt their connection, and love their easy going nature and banters, I still felt that the opening chapter, as well as, the second to last was the most exciting and captivating. In between that all was rather flat. We spent most of the time waiting on the other shoe to drop, or at least I did. It was all good and fun, but I was still waiting for those special moments that sealed Blaine and Kami as couple, and gave us those highlighter worthy moments. There were a few ... but not enough for a person with Kami's caliber of issues ... or at least I don't think so.

Blaine is a good guy, with a temper, a messed up past, and the occasional patience of a Saint. Definitely not the mouth! Other than that, an a few other inconsequential details that you can read to find out for yourself, I didn't really connect with his character. We got his POV when it mattered, but I still don't connect with him nor Kami as I would like. Honestly, I see the changes at the end of this novel, but I have no clue as to the catalyst or the original epiphany that lead to these moments. Is it a case of repeating it until you believe it?

We spent so much time in Kami's mind re-enacting her abuse. While I didn't mind, as I found bits of her story an interesting an original one, I would have loved more conversations and moments like that of the lake scenes. I wanted to see her fears played out and also watch as she conquered them. Therefore, I wasn't surprised at her reaction to his declaration, because I don't feel like they were solid enough for that, or that his approach was right. Sometimes it's like he forgot who he was dating. Maybe that's good in some ways, but Kami is a scared cat that needs patience in taming.

Angel and Dom, as well as the dynamic of all three together, was fun to watch. The moved so well together, and I would love to see each of them get their HEA or something close. Even CJ deserves something special. They were a great supporting cast and I loved the Dirty Dom and Angel Cassidy banter. I could definitely read a book about her, and I love the switch where we get a gay female instead of the male. Every detail counts!

All in all, this book showed a damaged girl trying to overcome her fears, while assisted by a guy with his own issues mile high, and their band of misfit friends who each has had a parent or both hurt them. They try to find their way together and cope as each sees fit.

Kami's story is a disturbing and familiar one, that might help someone who knows someone or is currently in the same position. It might not be the most exciting or captivating novel, but it's comfortable enough for you to get into and follow through, as each character makes their share of mistakes, as they try to deal with the hand they were dealt.

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