Sunday, 18 August 2013

Unscrupulous By Avery Aster

There is a trend with this series and it's characters. Each character has their success/vices ... for some of them, it's the same thing. 'Undressed' was heavy on the fashion while 'Unscrupulous' was heavy on love, acceptance, sex and success.

There was deeper meaning to this novel as oppose to the first that focused more on fashion and business with a dab of talkative sex. While the talking didn't lessen that much in this installment, I found that there was at least one unwilling participant and that's the chick I love the most from this series so far. Taddy Brill!

I love Taddy and Warner as a couple. I love to see them challenge each other and their methods of submission. Maybe it's the familiarity with this series that I have developed, but I find that I was more receptive to this installment. Then again, it could be the characters and deeper story line for this one. Afterall, nobody wants to be abandoned.

I was glad for the 6 months gap, as it added time frame that the previous novel lacked. But as soon as Taddy and Warner reconciled, the rush that this series is known for was thrust upon us. One minute we are taking it slow and then a next we are spiraling with Taddy and Warner. These characters seem to love fast and hard. I guess it's a testament to their Manhattan life.

Being a prequel of sorts to book 1, I wasn't a fan of the Lex seen in this novel, as she seemed weak. I'm not certain if it's weakness or due to the command that Taddy possess as a lead character. Either way, I don't like a weak Lex!

The connection between Taddy and Lex seems rather obvious, but I am just waiting to see when in the series the obvious bomb will be dropped. Hopefully I am not wrong ... or at least I don't think so o.O

We spent a lot more time with Taddy than Warner, so I once again never got to connect with the male lead like I would have wanted. But when he was in the picture, I loved his command over Taddy and his will to succeed at everything especially Taddy :)

Taddy is a lady perv, and has bigger balls than most men! I believe she has found the perfect match in Warner, even though I still want to know more about him, as well as some of his vices and quirks. He had a few that weren't elaborated.

While there was more depth and issues relayed, when I was just buckling down into a scene, it felt as if someone hit the fast forward button. I had to review a couple conversations but they still came across as hyper. Maybe it's how I read it .... not too sure.

With lack of a real family, we spent more time with the other characters of the series. While not much, it was more interaction than we received in 'Undressed'. We got a cameo of Sheldon, and I loved his character and totally see him hooking up with Vive .... I assume that's where we are headed :)

Even in her depravity and open sexuality, Taddy brought a certain air to this novel. There was love, lost, appreciation, humour and definitely shock (Candyland and that hotel balcony scene is just crazy!) I loved her independence and her dominating nature and appearance.
These are some fiery independent ladies and Taddy is Queen B of them all! I love an independent ladies novel and I find it in 'Unscrupulous' with Taddy Brill!

Warner had an unusual background story as oppose to most book billionaires, that I believe set him apart, and I only wish we got more time with him. He is an interestingly trained one. Sorry we couldn't meet Jacqueline. But then that might prove a conflict of interest!

I never cared much for Kiki and Dj Dejon, but they added good distractions and WTH scenes in this novel.

At the end, I felt a sense of incomplete, as if their story isn't finish, and their is more to come. I hope that there will be more of Taddy and Warner because there  is some questions to be answered that I don't think we can get from Blake and Vive books.

Even with a few of the same issues as book 1, with the weekend love and half cocked (pun not intended) sex scenes, I enjoyed this installment more, due to the characters, their conversations, interactions and the reverse roles of Taddy and Warner. I loved their honesty and the foundation of their relationship. I was also glad that their story didn't end in engagement or marriage because Avery Aster stays true to her Manhattanites and I love Taddy and Warner as is. Brilliant couple, better installment!

Note: An ARC was provided by NetGalley, from the publisher Ellora's Cave for a honest review


  1. Thank you for such a great review! Taddy and Warner will have a major subplot in book 4 Uncensored.

    1. No problem. I love improvement and I got that from book 2. Figured their story wasn't over. Can't wait to read more about the Taming of Taddy ;)