Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Million Dirty Secrets By C.L. Parker

This story is long. And unnecessarily so if you ask me. While you don't feel it at some parts, it shows occasionally. Especially with the scenes that are filled with sex instead of conversations. Actually, when I think about it, there is more sex than conversation, but i wouldn't title this a BDSM. Fortunately, other than the numerous sexual encounters, real conversations are fairly good and a little Lanie/Noah banter is sometimes nice. At least he isn't brooding and growling like and animal all day everyday.

The author tried a dual POV for this novel and occasionally it back fired, because sometimes Noah sounded like being in mind of a young female. Also, I didn't like when we switched POVs and went over what we read in the previous chapter or POV. If not for names as a divider, I would have probably mixed up the POVs eventually.

Lanie seems like a good character, despite me trying to come to terms as to how she goes from not getting any to being a raging nympho/freak all wrapped in one bow. I find that she changes throughout this novel where personality is concerned, because she started out as a shy girl looking an out for her family, but turns into this goddess and tough chick with the snap of a finger and I keep wondering if this is the girl I met at the beginning of this novel. I liked her fiery personality, even though she has a flair for the dramatics. (That fire scene ... crazy!)

The constant incorporation of double agent coochie got annoying fast! I wanted to slap her and beg her to desist from having conversations with, spanking and everything else in between when it came to her vagina. Come on now, totally unnecessary! It was done in excess and detracted from the story.

I don't understand Noah. And that's saying a lot, because the guy gets his own POV. Still, I haven't really connected with the character and if you ask me, action speaks louder than words and he's quite the coward. Give me a fighting hero any day as oppose to the pansies who bow out in honour or whatever else they have led themselves to believe!

I must say, that for a man so involved in charity, and whose company gives a lot, he seems like the Grinch at times ... own elevator to avoid people ... sound like a recluse to me!

While not the strongest of starts, I eventually got into the story and expected so much based on their agreement and the timeframe. This story builds momentum only to fall, start again, and them fall some more. Consistency of intensity is not this story's motto at all.

Their first meeting was hilarious and I have never laughed so much when reading about a BJ. I have to say, it was extremely funny!! Description and all. I also liked their small sexual gestures in the beginning of this novel. I felt every little touch as it was explained. But over time, most of that which drew me in before was gone.

The sex scenes were barbaric and a few held some level of inspiration. I have to give that final sex scene it's props though, as it was passion filled and I felt every touch and word as if it was me. I also loved the Graceland nod being a fan myself !

But despite all these traits, I felt that a story with so much promise, a good premise, a good couple that are in sync with each other on all levels, could have been written better. What started out promising pummeled sporadically and I believe lost it's touch by the end. I really wish more could have been done between the characters and for a longer time frame between Delanie and Noah so as to cement their feelings.

It seemed rushed at the end, and the cliffhanger didn't help matters any. I will wait on the next book in the series as I wasn't bored and enjoyed the story for the most part. I can only hope that we get a more realistic feel and time line as even the characters seem the complete opposite of what they are suppose to stand for.

I really hope book 2 is better and that we aren't left with another cliffhanger. While not the best execution, I was comfortable with the premise, characters and story line. I just hoped for a better delivery and conversation. Still, I can't wait to go on to book 2 to see what is happening and how it will be handled.

Note: An ARC was provided by NetGalley, from the publisher Random House Publishing Group for a honest review

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