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This Much Is True By Katherine Owen

Who would have thought that you could get so much from a book with a girl leaning against a wall?  o.O Surely not me!! I think I should start a 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' list because this is definitely one of them.

Initially when I saw the amount of pages and began the story, I thought this book is unnecessarily long, and had a constant repetition of sentences from the characters. There's even a point when they start to say they've said that already. I got what she was trying to do, but c'mon now. Once or twice is enough!

Still, this does remain a lengthy novel. If authors cut out the cliffhangers and trilogies, this is what we would get. The funny thing is, at times I wanted less, and then when we got to the end I needed more.

I am conflicted, flustered and don't even know where to start. It feels like I have been reading this story over a period of years as oppose to 2 days. And in retrospect, if not for having an event, I would have read this 500 page novel in a day, because it is that good.

This series closely relates the 'Love me with lies' series by Tarryn Fisher. Occasionally I swear I was reading the story of Olivia and Caleb again, only this time fate was standing in the way as oppose to each other. Tally has issues, and this is even before all the trauma in her life. I am not sure as to why she was the way before the story even began, but over time she develops more issues that only Linc seems to break through.

After a grueling and emotionally stirring novel, I finally got the ending that I wanted from this series. But boy was it at a cost. I went through the motions with this series. I was captured by the first accident scene, and love that we got to spend time with Holly, regardless of how brief. But never in a million years did I expect to react and feel like this way to this story. I am wondering if low expectations make for a better novel or Katherine Owens and Tarryn are just that good o.O

This author has a gift for persuasion. I hated every last one of these characters at some point in time during this novel. They infuriate, annoy, disappoint, confuse, frustrate, confound ... you name it, they do it.
One of my biggest swaying factor in this novel, is the spontaneity of it all. They never do or say what I expect, especially Tally. She handles situations like the star she is and even the simplest of gestures like the sharing of a sunglasses makes me love this two even more.  Reactions border on outrageous and unbelievable at times but you just can't help reading and loving these characters.

I love Tally, but honestly, I wanted to slap her at times. Sometimes she makes decisions that have you thinking that this is it now, she can't possible come back from this ... but in true Tally fashion, she does in finesse and grace. Always the ballerina!

Linc is a great guy who kept on drawing the short stick all throughout the story since he meets Tally. He is caring, sensitive and occasionally a coward. He definitely is an American sweetheart, and his funny and witty side comes at some of the most inopportune moments. However, this gives him the power to diffuse the bomb that is Tally Landon.

This story weighed  on me, because the years pile up and you get to see everyone grow and get their dreams, while you are still waiting on Tally and Linc to get together. It got so impossible at times, that I had to skip to the end at a point, to see if it was gonna happen or not. Hate to do this, but I was too on edge not to.

This is a well written and researched novel which a great compilation of characters and scenes. This book carries a real world feel within the fairy tale of it all. There is character development through and through, and though at times it seem as if they rarely have conversations as they spend some time in their heads, when they do, it is also well written and developed.

Supporting characters were also great and each stayed true to their personality and kept a realistic feel going through the novel. Everyone had their purpose that they stayed with, even Nika. While she was the enemy, I loved her moments because she add another layer to this already complicated tale.

Both leads dedication to their career was admirable, as well as their strengths, especially Tally. As different debilitating elements were thrown at her, she handled them well and came out on top in the end. Though I must say that I would be afraid to drive in this book, because Rebar and fatal car accidents dominate this novel.

There is a Q and A at the end of this novel, and I am proud to say that instead of clearing questions I might have, it confirmed my thoughts and emotion. I love it when an author can connect with her readers with little to no help, and I got that from Ms Owens. I felt and believe this story.

There was love, loss, faith and lies, boy were there lies! You don't ever know what to expect or believe, and in the end, there is so many scars your afraid to leave them, because this much is true: you want  them to be together forever. They deserve it for everything that keeps them apart through this series and the things and people they go through for stolen moments in between the years.

An unconventional couple with a familiar but different premise who had me rooting for them from beginning to end. There is never a dull moment, literally! I am still reeling from that graveyard scene, because the disrespect and outrageous act is one for the books!

A break is necessary in between reading this story, because so much happens between chapters, you need a breather to get through it all. I love this book, and while I can't see it needing any more scenes, I will miss these characters and wouldn't even mind a novella to see what happens after the big move at the end. I just don't wanna let go just yet :(

Good story that will have you at the edge of you seat and wanting to throw your kindle, nook or book through the window. You get it all here, without cliffhangers and forced romance. This book is so good, you don't even need the sex! Yup! It's like your favorite flavor of ice cream :)

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