Saturday, 26 October 2013

Beauty and the Billionaire By Jessica Clare

I knew it! I called it, I called it!! Spectacular! This novel deserves ever star it receives.

I was never bothered by date, time, weather, nothing. I just wanted intimate moments with Hunter and Gretchen. I love them together. I can't repeat it enough, but I am inexplicably, all consuming in love with these two as both individuals and a couple.

This is romance. This book brings you back to your Disney days! Beauty and the Beast don't know about this kind of love and passion. :D
The build up, anticipation, angst, chemistry. The whole plot was great and captured me from beginning to end. I couldn't and didn't want to put this book down.

I wasn't sure of the specifics as to what to expect from this duo, but I got it and more. The only thing I could ask for, was a more solid ending. I had no problem with the ending, but I would have loved an epilogue or even more changes and updates. I feel as if we ended with many possibilities and no concern.

Grumpy or not, Eldon is awesome! He is not your usual family butler. He is impersonal, grumpy, straight forward and he was a great input to this story line. He gave as good as he got and kept us laughing and on our toes. I'm sorry he couldn't have seen the light, but that's what makes him who he is and I would have him no other way.

Igor was back :) I really love that crazy cat! His role is small, but he also adds to this story. Honestly, the only irrelevant character I saw throughout this story was Daphne. Maybe she will end up with one of the guys. I sort of hope not. I already don't like her very much so it will take a miracle to convert me to her side.

I loved Gretchen in 'Stranded with a Billionaire' and I knew she would not disappoint. I am proud to say she is my favorite character within this series and I can't see no one to top her at the moment. Maybe Hunter. I'll mull it over some more :)

She is outspoken, crass, direct, funny, witty and her seduction techniques and dirty talks have you confused. Yes, confused, because your laughing when you shouldn't and smirking more than you are sad or turned on.

She shocked me as being the epitome of a romantic, but I still love her. I adore the insight into her writing process of 'Astronaut Bill', however silly the whole story was. It felt like being in the mind of a writer and I loved that. You were taken on a thought process and lifestyle, however ridiculously or loosely portrayed. Everything within this novel felt real, raw, primal and showed the level of research and execution placed in this novel.

Hunter had his many predicaments. He is the epitome of quirk and recluse. I loved that we finally got his back story, whilst we got to experience the intimate moments between him and Gretchen. To watch as they built their bond and acted on their feelings was great and held no cliches of your usual billionaire romance.

Hunter's inexperience and recluse manner gave this story a certain air and character. We only went to the poker table once, but I liked the vibe. It was different from previous meetings. I am still no warmer with the other members of this club, but this wasn't about them. Hopefully in time, I will yearn for their story like I did this one.

I loved that our focus was more on the relationship than on Hunter's scars or money, as is most billionaire romance novels. The sex scenes held the right amount of lust, love, admiration, chemistry and intensity.

Overall, the writing in this book was brilliant and the characters kept you intrested and filled with all sorts of emotions. I can truly say this is the best book so far in this series and I will miss Hunter and Gretchen.

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