Friday, 25 October 2013

Stranded with a Billionaire By Jessica Clare

Layers. It's a thing I love. There is many things within this story, but you can't say it didn't have layers and stages, however short was the time frame.

I loved the beginnings of this tale. Their first meeting and even their time spent in a hurricane ravaged resort. They clearly had more fun than I expected. It held your attention and kept you interested as they navigated the desolate resort.

As overpowering and cliche as I expected this story to be, it held it's own and didn't fall to the mold of cheesy billionaire romance. I can also say, that regardless of the elaborate homes and lives they lead, their wealth was placed on the back burner for me while reading this novel. All I saw, was a girl trying to find herself and a guy with intense trust issues.

I can tip the scale in favor of Bronte, personality wise, because I felt like we got her POV more so than Logan. As such, I felt more connected with her than Logan. However, not to be outdone, Logan is one billionaire I admire. From the initial meet there was something about him. Even being in his thoughts was a mystery. His outlook, reaction, even his actions are unpredictable and ever changing.

With regards to their little club, I got more of an  understanding, as to what it is through Hunter's eyes than Logan's. It makes no difference to me and I think it doesn't rather add or detract from this story. Maybe I will understand and appreciate it more as I go, but as is, it doesn't move me much. Their activities seem innocent and until otherwise, I feel no real effect from said club.

Gretchen is quite the addition to this tale. I am not sure how I feel about Audrey, because she seems a little cold and detached. Igor, even with his small appearances, fascinates me and I would love more moments with this hideously intriguing cat :)

By the end of this novel, I was able to distinguish each member of  this group and form my opinions. This attest to the fact that this book was well written and held many of the basics of a good book. The missing of the many cliches, that normally riddle these billionaire novels, left me ecstatic and I got to thoroughly enjoy the story of Bronte and Logan.

I am much more in tune with my philosopher's and I love that effort and research was placed within this novel that could have fell to it's mediocre genre. There were stages that were executed well and except for an overly long sex scene, I found passion and comfort within their relationship. Bronte's quirky, fun side also helped with the vibe of this novel.

I wont' say there weren't a few cliches and predictable moments, but no one is perfect. This novel held it's own and  brought across it's own story and characters. It's a diverse group and I can't wait to experience more.

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