Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bloodlines By S.C. Stephens

This was another concise and detailed story in the life of Teren and Emma. Honestly, I wasn't as worried as I should have been, but there were a few more angst filled moments than those in 'Conversion'. I guess babies make everyone a little jumpy.

It was good to get another situation out of this series and to be so apart of the birth process from conception to delivery. I felt like her birthing partner :)

Once again, details in this series were superb! This must be one of the most in depth novels I have ever read. At times, I was annoyed because I just wanted to get to the answers, but the anticipation surely helped and other times I just skipped ahead before coming back to the details.

It's nice to see Teren move from the metro sexual vamp he portrays throughout 'Conversion', even 'Hot Ben' got in on the action. As this novel progress, the secrets and unknown seem to get less and more respectively. I am truly interested to see what will happen in 'Till Death' . The possibilities of this series are endless! The fact that even the kids get their own book is rather comforting. There is something about this series that remove itself from the paranormal and makes you focus on the normal issues of a normal couple.

I am a little disappointed as to Emma's situation by the end of this book, as I thought it was a unique trait that separated this novel. But then, it also added another unknown element, that kept you on your toes throughout this novel, more than the previous.

There is hardly any issues with this installment or series overall, as it seems the author took the time to research, develop and execute this story from beginning to end. There was never a lapse in momentum or quality. I love a well put together novel and I got that from this series. I don't know what it is about paranormal novels, or maybe it's just this one, but flaws are few if any.

Once again, the usual vamp induced angst was bare minimum, but all the other issues present made up for that ten fold. There is a certain comfort in this nest of vampires. The fact that Emma can now fill in most of the silent talk also helped to heighten the vibe of this novel.

For a pregnant woman, she really kept up this novel from her semi bed ridden perspective. I wasn't bored and never wavered in my interest in this clan. While not much more insight into the Teren/Adams clan was given, we learned more about this unique brand of vampires developed by S.C. Stephens and even met an eclectic group in the hills of L.A.

With each installment, the possibilities and characters change. There is the introduction of new and really old characters. Even a sexual bond to rival all others. It's a time of changes and I can't wait for what the next book will hold for this breed of vampire and the life they try to lead.

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