Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Catch Me If You Can By Jordan Silver

I've never read a Jordan Silver novel before, so I don't get the other reviewers gross about what is expected of said author, but I liked it. The main problem I had, is the length. It was too short, especially with the premise. It's already shown that Hank is a mover. Yes he thinks, but he is so faster than the rest, that the time it takes him to think, execute and succeed we are just catching on. Which is fine, but I am hoping for more depth with the continuation of this series.

With that being said, I do hope there is a continuation, or else this would have just been a really bad ending. Maybe the worse of all time.

I understood the simplicity of this story, even though I am a little stumped by the ending. That was way too fast for how they left hours before. There is also a million unresolved questions and issues. A lot of discrepancies as to character placements litter this novel. It's actually all a big blur of a mess and I don't see this all hashing out. Call me crazy, but how do you spend the better part of 10 years, hunting a man with his brothers, for all intent and purposes, apart of your team? Can you say major leaks o.O

Regardless, I like Hank. There is an air about him that's not your usual billionaire playboy, vigilante or criminal. He is intelligent and it reflects. It's not fleeting or assumed due to position and character. It's in his thoughts, his personality, his demeanor. You feel his presence and his mind is a play field of possibilities.

The cat and mouse game between himself and Cierra, unbeknownst to one, is plain and simple fun. To know a persons agenda before it is made public is an intriguing one. It allows you all sorts of play on both words and actions, and Hank takes advantage of this. It's safe to say he is my favorite character of this novel so far.

Not that I have anything against Cierra, but my loyalties don't run as deep as they do with Hank. Still, she is also a brilliant mind and profiler. I would love to have spent more time with her in the capacity of profiler as oppose to undercover agent.

A story that uses the mind more than it does brawn and beauty is mind kind of tale. These are the characteristics that drew me into this story and had me bypassing the length and speed. The moments that were slowed down for us, to get into their thoughts and watch the foreplay of sorts was wonderful!

There's not much else to say for this novel, as it is rather short and has yet to get into much where Hank and Cierra is concerned. We have met the lead characters and formulate our own profile and allegiance. It is now time to wait to get to the action and to see the repercussions of the secrets and lies being held and told respectively.

I am thrilled and excited for the continuation of this story. It's a lovely introduction and I just wish we could have gotten it all at once. Hank reminds me of Pierce Brosnan  in 'The Thomas Crown Affair' and that is one of my all time favorite movies!

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